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The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams
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May 07, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: amazing, fantastic-characters, five-stars

I resent Sandy Williams.

I resent her for writing an absolutely amazing story that crept into my heart, stole it, and swept me off my feet. The story grabbed me from the first couple of chapters and led up to me squealing during scenes with Aren and going "No...!" when bad things happen.

The romance, oh the romance, made me shriek and toss around in my bed. I know, I'm crazy.
There are very few books that can evoke such real emotion in me, but this is one of the rare ones that us readers keep reading for. We live for books like this. I turned and turned the page, and kept telling myself "five more minutes" or "just one more chapter" till five in the morning.

McKenzie oozes spunk and energy, Aren full of wit and courage. Together their chemistry is undeniable. Unfortunately, there weren't many scenes with Kyol, so I ended up rooting for Aren. That, and Aren is sexy as hell the tension between him and McKenzie is flying off the charts. The story is also packed to the brim with action and never fails to entertain. The world that Williams built was intriguing and stuck to my mind.

I do have tiny gripes about the story. A lot of the times, I feel that there is so much going on that I get lost or confused. Also, I can't seem to grasp what McKenzie's power really is (seeing where Fae has fissured to??) and what the difference between edarratae and chaos lusters are. I wish the author would have made it clearer in some way.

Also, McKenzie is pretty much a pawn throughout the entire book, and doesn't really do much, but the reason the book gets 5 stars is because throughout the whole story, the author made me forget that. The characters and story itself is a gem, and isn't that what authors are supposed to do? Suck readers into the story and make them forget the imperfections?

However, I trust that Williams is setting space for McKenzie to grow and become stronger. I cannot wait for the sequel!

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Tina I'm still confused what edarratae and chaos lusters are too. They seemed to be used in the same context.

Amanda Exactly, but I think only Fae can have edarratae or something? This is the part I'm totally confused about. Also, McKenzie's powers are to read where the Fae have fissured to, so what are the anchor stones really for? At the ending battle scene, she was able to see Fae that Kyol and Aren couldn't? I'm so confused.

Tina This is what I understood ...

Edarratae are little lightening bolts that shoot across the skin when a fae or human are in the opposite world. When a fae is in the human world, they have edarratae because they don't belong there. When a human is in the fae world, they have edarrate because they don't belong there. So they both get it.

When a fae fissures to a new location they leave behind shadows. They are like imprints/maps of the location where they fissured to. They are visible for only a few seconds and McKenzie can read them. Humans need anchor stones in order to fissure out with a fae. Anchor stones are "imbedded" with the location they are going to, where they will land. Without the anchor stone humans will get lost in the in between. I picture the in-between like space/black hole/nothing.

She also has the sight to see through fae glamour. So the court used her to spot the fae that were glamouring themselves (to hide from the other fae).

Amanda Thank you so much! It makes so much more sense now. I was too lazy to go through the book again to find out. I suppose chaos lusters are the same as Edarratae. The anchor stones are a clever concept though.

Tina Chaos lusters and edarratae are similiar. But they are more of little shocking sparks when fae and humans touch. But more pleasurable than shocking, lol.

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