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Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
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Feb 28, 2008

it was ok
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Read in February, 2008

I was very disappointed in this book. I felt like the author was spending more time trying to use every swear word she had ever heard than developing a good story. The concept intrigued me -- who isn't interested in amnesia? But the story was really about unhappiness and unfaithfulness. It was uninspired. That being said, if any of my friends still want to read it I read it with a black marker in my hand and now at least the bad language and some scenes are edited out!
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Julianne Heidi-

I was surprised at all the swearing, too! This is my first Kinsella book, and I did this as an audiobook. When I put my 2 year old in the car with me I had to turn the CDs off to make sure he wasn't learning the British pronunciation of "Sh*t"

Heidi DON'T judge Sophie Kinsella by this book. Go and pick up Confessions of a Shopaholic and get ready for some good laughs.

Cathy Daniel I agree with Heidi

Lois Bouchard Boo hoo. Bad language. No one else uses it, right. Grow up!

Melissa Wow, bad words in a book written for adults... so what? Is that really a reason to give a poor review? I literally just finished the book and I am trying to recall the horrible cursing that everyone seems to be complaining about... really, its not that bad...

Lois Bouchard Maybe your two-year old shouldn't be listening to your book on cd written for adults with adult themes if you are concerned. There were sex scenes too (oh my!).

Heidi I'm surprised at the backlash I'm receiving from my review. It was simply that - MY review. I had a certain expectation of this book based on previous books I had read and loved by Sophie Kinsella and the book failed my expectation. While I recognize language and sex to be commonplace in many adult books, I have the right to shield myself from it should I choose. Typically I am able to filter quite a bit out and enjoy what I read, but that was not the case with this book. I think that stems in part from the storyline, I also was bothered by the unfaithfulness. I was unable to get myself fully immersed in the storyline because I felt uncomfortable. I wrote this review for my friends that know me and trust me to recommend books that I like. I want them to have an accurate portrayal of my thoughts on the book. Then they may choose to read it or not read it based on their own desires.

Cathy Daniel Heidi wrote: "I'm surprised at the backlash I'm receiving from my review. It was simply that - MY review. I had a certain expectation of this book based on previous books I had read and loved by Sophie Kinsella ..."
Every mouse has a megaphone on the internet, just remember that :)

Lois Bouchard I guess my question is, why listen to it at all? All her books tend to be liberally sprinkled with sex and the F word. If you know that already, then skip it. I happened to really like it, and it seems a little petty and prudish to denigrate it based on too many obscenities.

message 10: by Cathy (new) - rated it 1 star

Cathy Daniel No, this book was worse. I loved her other books. It was the unfaithfulness and how it was "ok" that was over the top. But at the end of the day, this is HER review. Why attack an opinion on a book? So petty and childish!!

message 11: by Lois (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lois Bouchard That's what the comments are for, I guess. So it's ok to call me petty and childish, but not ok for me to disagree with her review?

Mommydanz I am listening to it on audio and have decided that though I like Lexi, she has a very limited vocabulary and uses the f word a lot. I think that Kinsella may have been trying to use this as a tool to show us that she was a regular Joe and the least likely to be comfortable in her current place in society.

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