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A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
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May 06, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** My summary:

Seventh book in the wheel of time series, it begins with Rand's victory at Dumani Wells over the Shaido and Elaida's Aes Sedai who had captured him. Sevanna begins planning on how to capture Rand again with the help of Samuel and Graendal who promise to give her something to control him with once she succeeds. Elaida continues to plan on how she will use Rand once he arrives until she finds out her mission failed. Then she submits to Alviarhin (who is Black Ajah) in order to keep the rest of the tower from finding out and stilling her. Rand continues to face problems in Cairhen where he must retake the throne and reassert his power. He sends Perrin away as a result of a fake argument designed to throw everyone off. He sleeps with Min after he realizes he is in love with her and wants to send her away so she will not be hurt (but she refuses to leave). He meets Cadsuane, the oldest living Aes Sedai, and she begins working on his confidence in order to bring him under her control. Rand finally meets with the Sea Folk and obtains their allegiance to the Coramoor. He then goes into the heart of the Rebel Cairhens and Tairhens to try to get them to follow him as well. While he is there a bubble of evil appears and Padan Fain (now Mordeth) tries to kill him with his dagger. He cuts the same spot where Rand's old wound from the Dark One is and almost kills him except for the help of Cadsuane and one of the Asha'man. Meanwhile, Mat continues to watch over Elayne and Nynaeve in Ebou Dar where they are looking for the Bowl of Winds. While there, they discover "the Kin", a group of women who were made to leave the tower because they could not pass the test to become Aes Sedai. They also make an alliance with the Sea Folk so that together they could come together in order to use the Bowl of Winds once it is found. On the way to see the Sea Folk, Nynaeve is almost killed by Moghedian and is saved by Lan (who is now Myrelle's warder). She demands that he become her warder as soon as possible and they are married by the Sea Folk once they reach the ship. Once they find out where the Bowl of Winds is, they get there the same time as a number of darkfriends and a golam. Elayne is almost killed, but Mat gets the gholam to run away after using his medallion on it. They retrieve the Bowl of Winds and prepare to leave the city at the same time it is being attacked by the Seanchan. Before this, Morgase is transferred from being a prisoner to the Whitecloaks to being a prisoner of the Seanchan. She manages to escape, however, and heads for Andor. The book ends with Rand taking an army into the heart of Illian and confronting Samuel. He takes Illian easily and faces Samuel in Shadar Logath. He sees Samuel being enveloped by the fog of death and shoots balefire at him as well so he assumes he is dead. When he returns to Illian he is crowned with the Crown of Swords and becomes king of Illian.

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