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The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan
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May 06, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** My summary:

Third book in the wheel of time fantasy series. The story progresses with all of the characters eventually making a journey to Tear where Rand will take the sword Callandor because he is the Dragon Reborn. The book begins with Rand, Perrin, Morraine, Lan, and others at the camp of the Drgaon Reborn. Rand is still learning to channel the one power and is worried that he will hurt others. He decides to run and go to Tear so he can obtain further proof about whether he is really the Dragon (by taking Callandor). Perrin, Morraine, Lan, and Loial follow him through many towns on his way there. On their way they meet Faile, a girl from Illian hunting for the horn of Valere. Perrin is charged with looking after her while she is with them. Meanwhile, Mat is taken to Tar Valon by Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve. They heal him from the evil dagger and he figures out that he has really good luck in all games of chance. Egwene and the other two are told by the Amyrlin seat that they are to search out the Black Aes Sedai. They send Mat to Camelyn to deliver a letter to Elayne's mother, the queen; while there he meets Thom Merrylin again. They continue onto Tear to warn Elayne that her mother's advisor is trying to have her killed. Egwene, Elayne, and Naynaeve all go towards Tear. At one point they are caught and then freed by female Aiel warriors. Once they get to Tear they hire someone to find the Black Aes Sedai, but they are found first and captured. By this time everyone is in Tear, including Rand, who is trying to get to the heavily guarded sword. Rand and Mat both sneak into the fortress, but soon after entering the Aiel attack. During this time, Egwene manages to subdue the Black Aes Sedai through the dream world so they can escape. Mat comes and helps them escape at the same time. By this time Rand has made it to sword room, but is then attacked by one of the forsaken, Be'lal. Morraine comes in and uses balefire to destroy the forsaken but is then knocked unconscious by the Dark One. Rand manages to grab the sword in time and begins fighting the Dark One again. He chases him around for a while but finally "kills" him with the sword. The book ends with Rand being the new king of Tear and the Aiel claiming he is the "one who comes with the dawn" that they had been waiting for. All of the main characters are in Tear, except for Min who is on her way to Tar Valon to give the Amyrlin a message from Morraine.

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