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22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson
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May 06, 2011

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This book is just out and as it is a WWII era story I had to read it. It was a good story but didn't grab at me enough to give it a four. I would give it more like a 3.5. It is another sad story about war and how it can so destroy people, both physically and emotionally.

This book centers around two Polish survivors of the German invasion of Poland. Living in Warsaw and happily married with a baby boy named Aurek, Silvana and Janusz seem to be on their way to a promising life. Until the Germans invade Poland and take over Warsaw. Janusz goes off to help save his country but in the process is overwhelmed (mainly emotionally) by it all. He manages to get to England and helps the Brits fight the war.

Meanwhile Silvana and Aurek finally manage to escape the Germans in Warsaw and end up spending the war (six years in all) hiding in farmer's barns, ditches, and forests. When the war is finally over, Silvana is a ghost of the woman she once was and Aurek is like an animal.

Can you imagine what it must have been like for families separated during this period to become reacquainted? This book takes place in flashbacks to what Silvana and Janusz each experienced separately during these six years along with what they are going through together as they become reacquainted after the war. Each has secrets they don't want the other to find out. 22 Britannia Road is the address of their house where they unite together to become a family again.
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