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Silk Is for Seduction by Loretta Chase
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2.5 stars. Ever since I read MR. Perfect and liked LC humorous prose, I tried most of her past books and started looking forward to her new releases, but alas, none of them were ever as good as “MR. Perfect” with the exception of “Your scandalous Ways” which pushed the limits a little and raised LC’s skills a notch in my eyes. This book was just okay for me. There was nothing spectacular about it. The hero’s fiancé was too unrealistic in that she knew that the heroine was trying to steal her man, and she just sat there letting this woman continue to make clothes for her and be around him. She was a very nice fiancée. I would have appreciated the book more if she (gasp!) fought for the guy she claimed she loved. Give us a little passion here! We read books for the conflicts and the love that surpasses these conflicts. I don't see any conflict if the fiancé don’t give a damn if the heroine up and run off with her man. So what if we feel sorry for the other woman in the end, at least we would be still talking about the book instead of yawning. She showed a little spunk in the end but it was obvious it was so everything could be tied up in a neat little bow. The least that could have happened was to make her pissed off and then give her own book later- but no, she went to the darn wedding! LOL.

Another thing that through me off was at first the heroine was drop dead gorgeous. Guys were crashing into trees looking at her then come to find out she wasn't that gorgeous after all, it was the clothes that was making her beautiful! Tell me that that poor heroine doesn't want to jump out of the pages and smack the author right across the face! LOL! By the time the book was done I didn’t want to here another thing about a stitch, fabric, silks, or anything about clothes for a very long time! The storyline kills you with it. You have to really be interested in fashion to appreciate it. I like fashion as much as the other chick but I don’t sleep and dream about it. Oh my Gosh, and to think that this is a series about seamstresses. I doubt I will be excited for the up coming books.
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41.0% "Why does the hero's fiancé have to be so sweet. Another woman is trying to steal your man and you are the sweetest thing ever, (not)! and (yawn)! I could see where this is going. No angst whatsoever. Oh well, I guess I'll never learn reading this fluff!"
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message 1: by Karla (new)

Karla About fashion? Clothes? *runs the other way, screaming*

As if the limp dishrag of the "other woman" wasn't enough to make me avoid it already.... An "other woman" in a Harley would have this chick for lunch.

Sheesh, what's the deal with all these romances that are "nice" and nearly conflict-free? Don't these authors know that drama makes something a bit more memorable?

LuvGirl "Sheesh, what's the deal with all these romance that are "nice" and nearly conflict- free? Don't these authors know that drama makes something a bit more memorable"?

Too many readers have heart attacks if things doesn't end well for all parties involved, so they cater to them :-(

message 3: by Karla (new)

Karla Well, it sucks. Because I want to be able to feel something at the end besides "Well, that was nice like some blah stroll through the park." :P

message 4: by Tammy (new) - added it

Tammy Walton Grant Karla (Mossy Love Grotto) wrote: "About fashion? Clothes? *runs the other way, screaming*"


Great review, LuvGirl -- I must say this one has a premise unlike most out there. She falls for the H as she's sewing gowns for his fiancee? That might not fly with a lot of readers.

Have you read Miss Wonderful? I'm reading it now and it has the same humour that you enjoyed in Mr. Perfect.

LuvGirl I tried Miss Wonderful but couldn't get into it so I gave it up, but I think it's on my dnf will try again shelf.

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