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The Associate by John Grisham
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May 05, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: mystery

This is the 2nd incredibly disappointing book I've read by Grisham now. Unless he plans to write a sequel to actually end the book there is no excuse for this. It's like he got bored 3/4 of the way through & gave up & sent it to his editor or he didn't know how to end it so he just gave up - thinking we'd buy anything with his name on it because his first few books were pretty good.

An elaborate twisty set up with many characters and then NOTHING HAPPENS. I'm ok with "bad guys getting away". I'm ok with "we may never know what shadowy organizations or gov't offices they worked for". But you can't just stop and say "we'll never know any of it". Why did I bother reading the book and the whole set up? So you could laugh and say "oh well this is more realistic anyway".

The main character is a priveleged Ivy league educated southern Caucasian male who is the stereotypical frat boy, whose stupidity bites him in the ass & puts him in a bad spot, so I had limited interest in him. ESPECIALLY, at the end where he decides that despite pissing off an operation that had clearly spent at least a year, millions of dollars, had ruined the lives of random people for the set up & had killed people - all to get the info. from him - he didn't think he needed any protection or they wouldn't revenge kill him for blowing that? I *really* wanted him to get shot at the end (maybe during a hunting session with his dad, since that distasteful "sport" was also pointlessly included in the book as more page filler).

Most of the other characters were just as bad.
*Frat Boy #1- stereotypical LA actor wanna be on drugs/drink turns pious AA "Born-again" (which reminds me Grisham seemed to make a big deal about the main character stopping drinking because he couldn't handle it, to picking it up through the stress - I expected ramifications of this change - would he turn alcholoic, would being drunk make him miss a crucial step).
*Frat Boy #2- the quasi-rapist whose getting married who just drops out in the last quarter of the book & is never heard from again.
*Generic pointless Girlfriends - #1 just disappears. #2 is just there for him to have a boring love interest as he struggles & then just drops off at the end. She has no part in the conspiracy, in the ending or anything, except as page filler.
*Random lawyers - Again, seemed like just filler. Dickish partners working the newbies. Newbies all exahuasted. One of them is a mole, but we never find out who.
*Confused girl who may or may not (according to Grishman) been a victim or maybe just a predator.
I REALLY don't like the "it wasn't really rape" storylines. That's not something people generally make up. So making it all "she was slutty & just felt bad" thus perpetuating rape myths - pissed me off a lot.
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message 1: by Maire (new)

Maire Joyce I would really like to see the movie version of this book. Great storyline. Pity the bad guys didn't get caught in the end, but I guess that's life!

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