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God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut
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May 05, 2011

really liked it
Recommended for: all adults
Read in May, 2011

The first thing I must admit is that this is not what I expected. I was expecting either an endorsement of or a condemnation of the controversial doctor. I personally think the good doctor did a valuable service for those who asked him for that service. If my earth journey happens to end in sickness and pain, I hope there is someone as compassionate as Dr. Kevorkian to help me cross the bridge. I doubt that such a person will be allowed by the medical, legal, and religious people who insist that their interests are more important than my own, even though it will be my life and comfort on the line, not theirs. If I'm not lucky enough to die quickly, I'll probably be fed strong drugs for the pain while I'm hooked up to machines to keep me alive so the system can generate more revenue from the medical bills and the religious zealots can cover themselves in ashes and gnash their teeth while my loved ones feel compelled to beat a path to and from the hospital while I'm trying to die. There will be nothing left of my property by then for my sons to inherit. The banks will own it now even tho before I got sick, it had no lien. That will truly suck!!

The part Kevorkian plays is to medically take Vonnegut through "the tunnel" to the edge of death so that he can interview famous dead people in heaven (there is no hell) for public radio, and bring the interviewer back again. While temporarily in heaven, Vonnegut as he writes in the first person, has conversations with such as Hitler, Shakespeare, and Joe DiMaggio. It's a very short book you should read in about an hour or less. It is well worth the time.....mgc
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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Breslin Check out "the suicide tourist" a documentary by Frontline. (I've only recently discovered what an incredibly well done program Frontline is.)

This one is an absolutely heartbreaking story of a guy with a terminal illness who decides to end it all with medical assistance. You will cry.

Michael Probably will cry...I am a big crybaby...mgc

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Breslin I did!

If you have Netflix:


Unlike John Boehner, you cry out of compassion and goodness. Boehner is such an evil bag of rancid diarrhea that he's moved to tears at the thought of any sort of social justice. If you saved the life of a small brown child somewhere, he would cry. If the child died right in front of him, he wouldn't blink, much less shed a tear. He'd only cry if the dead corpse of the child was in his way and he had to step over it or if it otherwise inconvenienced him.

Michael As I continue to age...which is cool because I am not dying....I find that I do cry often, but not in or for depressing reasons...I cry for joyful reasons, even if not my own. I experience joy for others and find myself getting misty even when I have no personal connection other than the T.V. Cool...Michael

Michael I did watch Suicide Tourist. It was very emotional for me. I thought the gentleman and his wife were very balanced and clear thinking. In a like situation I hope for like results and hope I don't have to fly to Zurich or anywhere out of the country to find those results.....Michael

message 6: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Breslin Yeah, well let's hope that situation never comes up. :)

Michael I was recently prepared for an Arteriogram. It was about a two hour procedure in which the medical team was prepared to balloon or stint as necessary. They found no blockages. A nurse told me as I lay there on that cold metal table that she was going to give me the "I don't care about anything drug." About two seconds later I saw my wife and son standing there. I ask something like...what's going on...why are you here?" Cathy said it was all over and I was in recovery. She said my next words were...."Are you shitten me?"
For two hours, I felt no pain, no strain, no fear. The time was just lost. I believe I now know what death will be like not just for two hours but for eternity. Rest in Peace......Michael

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