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Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard
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it was ok
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Rating it a two because of the colorful use of language. I rate it a one for coherence. It is hard to think that this isn't over the top satire. But it is so full of the same thing, with various quotes and such, that if it is satire it is very well done. But it is more likely that the author was someone who was just really pissed off at someone, likely a group of women that's wronged him.

Seriously, read his bit about how women should be totally subjugated by men.

There is little rational thought in this entire book. No arguments at all. The author complains that philosophers are just sophists are just liars are just people using tricky language to fool people. Yet later he says that each person should think for himself (how to do that without philosophy?) or that each age must have its own morals and ethics, but then that they all suck (only might is right).

To sum up the book:
Christians are hypocrites (which I do agree with him) and when one finds a government that says it is Christian, one finds robbery (again, I agree). Christians worship a socialist pacifist that was crucified by better men, and were turned into a god by a group of jews, who have a long history being subjugated by other cultures. Somewhere along the way we've bought into the morality that one should be meek, not fight back, and believe in some farce called 'equality'. Yet governments fight and declare war. These religions keep people meek and obedient.

The basis of the above? Because things eat things in nature and if you are strong enough, you survive. Enter in to outdated understanding of social Darwinianism. That's it. Fill more pages of things eating things, while ignoring that there are not one, but two important drives among groups of people, competition and cooperation, and if one gets more important than the other the group will die out. Our species is a long history of this.

Seriously, this guy equates Brutus with Booth, Lincoln with Caeser. It is tempting to let him do so, because earlier he says if a person steals a horse he is a thief to be put in jail, but steal enough to cripple an industry and one is a business man and never is brought to justice.

This book is a good read because it does illustrate an attitude that is prevalent. It is a simple attitude that use only violence for every answer. Sometimes this IS the answer, but the wise man (which he says we should be, but doesn't explain what that is because philosophy is just sophistry) knows when to use violence, or tact, or some other measure.

But this book was a slug to get through. Wearisome and tired.
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April 17, 2017 –
50.0% "So far this is a slog to get through. Might is right is, at the basic level, a summation of a certain philosophy of ethics. To the victor go the spoils. It was echoed by a professor several years back who said, 'point to me a human right. Where is it? Nature will eat you. So much for your human rights.""
April 17, 2017 –
70.0% "So far this book is difficult to read. If the author was less concerned with being boisterous, over the top, shocking, and swinging his penis around, and instead focused on making a point, it would be more tolerable. But as it is it is written at the level of a pissed off, drunken frat boy who also has a word of the day calendar next to his porn stash."
April 18, 2017 – Shelved as: sexuality-and-gender
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Eddie Black True enough. Yet holy crap is this book a long winded rant. So far there is little, if any, cogent arguments, but as though the author was cooped up in a week long socialist/feminist retreat where he had to stay silent and then when he got home he launched into a tirade on the interwebs. This is all shock. Halfway through there is little marrow to the bones. It is an empty husk filled with hot air. This is as one sided and diseased as the 'cowards' he attacks. What good are men, ready to fight, if they have nothing but their most selfish needs to fight for? Those aren't men, those are shitheads.

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