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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
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it was amazing
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I think this book is a definitive book over the religious subject and very well argumented,i would give it six stars.As a fact this book so far have eigth editions in Spain,is a enormous bestseller.

As a simple example of argument:how a being that says is infinitely good can punish a trivial fault of no go to church a single sunday,a mortal sin, with infinite pain along infinite time in hell,this is only posible in a infinite evil being.A being can not be infinitely good and infinitely evil at the same time.

A striking thing for me after read the book is that USA in some way have a religion problem.

Now i will describe the situation in Spain ,that i know better. Here yet after 40 years of catholic theocracy nobody reads the bible,nobody has a bible at home,i myself after study in a catholic school know almost nothing about the bible,only histhorical facts and never have read a only page of the bible(this has a explanation ,in the catholicism only eclesiastic authorities can interpret the bible and by that dont like people reading the bible).Here the great majority of people under 60 years is agnostic or atheist,very few people go to the church,only the eldest and those that go very few comulgate,a strong clue that his beliefs are not deep.The people see the catholic liturgia as a social event or tradition witout faith connotations,the catholic bautism,funerals and weddings are colorist social meetings no more,the people have catholic weddings because tradition and because are more solemnes and with more parafernalia no other meaning.In brief there are few practicioners and this with weak faith and for finish also few people believes in other life after death ,the others see the situation after death the same before be born.The priests are very old,there are scarcity of priest and the church is in need bring the priests of latinamerica

The spanish catholic theocracy had four pathologic obsessions:sin,hell,devil and sex,to day nobody think in sin or hell,everibody see devil as a disparate idea and everibody love sex and practice sex without any remorse.The homosexuality is wholly accepted

Is clear that for make people hate something the best i force it and for loving something the best is forbide it.

I personally dont believe in personal god,in ID and i am agnostic on the side of atheist.I like catholic art and achitecture as i admire the Taj Mahal or admire Angkor Wat
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message 1: by Lilo (last edited Jul 11, 2016 11:15PM) (new)

Lilo Interesting that Spain is no longer religious!

I personally assume (not believe--believing is different) that there is a higher entity, usually called God, that is responsible for the Big Bang. And I also assume that this higher entity has very little if anything to do with the God described in the bible.

This is mainly for the reason you give in the 2nd paragraph of your review:

"As a simple example of argument:how a being that says is infinitely good can punish a trivial fault of no go to church a single sunday,a mortal sin, with infinite pain along infinite time in hell,this is only posible in a infinite evil being.A being can not be infinitely good and infinitely evil at the same time."

I further assume that this higher entity has some system in place that most humans understand no more than a microbe in the compost pound understands calculus.

And I have a theory (assumed from a small philosophical booklet, which I, unfortunately, left in Germany) that makes it possible for this higher entity to be good and the creation of the universe to have taken place in order to let evil transform eventually into good, even though this may take billions of years.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to outline this theory to fit into a comment. So what I am trying to say is: I assume that God is good. Yet I am convinced that the God depicted in the bible has very little, if anything, to do with the real God.

Jose Moa I agree with you in my concept of God, a comcept that has nothing to see with the comcept of the monoteist religions in use, if that entity exist and would be as far of us in inteligence and worry about or fate as us and a ant,Try to understand what is the finality of the universe is i think as if a ant try to understand quantum mechanics.
With regard to Spain ,the religion plays no role in cotidian life,the religion is not a problem for nobody,is only a social activity for most of people.The youth is practically wolly disafected by religion and those educated have a idea of God as this one we are talking It would take a long disgression to explain this drastic change in the role of catholic religion role in Spain.A role not occuped by other religion.Nobody in Spain is Luteran or Muslim ,oviously thre are exceptions.I dare to say that the same happens in Portugal and Italy

Jose Moa I forguet to say that here everibody is evolutionist,yet the ineducated,and everibody knows theat earth planet is extremely old and the terrenal paradise,the original sin and the Noe history are fairy tales with the same reality that of the little mermaid tale.

message 4: by Lilo (last edited Jul 12, 2016 09:28AM) (new)

Lilo Too bad I am so very short of time. It would be nice to discuss all this with you in more detail, but for now there is no chance.

However, what I would like to add: Any entity intelligent and powerful enough to create a universe surely does not need or want to be worshipped, won't care whether one goes to church on Sunday, and even less will take petty revenge for minor misdemeanors.

And re evolution or rather the denial of evolution with creationism and its camouflaged version "intelligent design": I am presently reading the book "Idiot America", which deals with this subject and other idiocies. Review soon to come.

Re Noah: If he took ALL species of mammals on his arch, this arch must have been very, very big, considering all different varieties of different species. Or did these varieties only develop later by evolution? :-)

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