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The Dark Light of Day by T.M. Frazier
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Dark, angsty, sock to the belly story! T.M. Frazier can really walk the fine line of writing dark gritty stories without going over the edge and making me cringe. Because if I am cringing, I am not going to continue reading a series, let alone an author. So yeah, I am totally girl crushing on the author's ability to balance the dark without losing me.

This is an author who I discovered with the King series.

Jake is a character that both King and Bear know well. He is also someone you only call upon with specific intentions. And it was those intentions that gave you a very dark view who Jake is, though not a lot of detail about him, but just enough to make you curious, and want to keep your distance.

But I was so obsessed with the King series, I never got around to reading Jake's story.

Until Lawless...

And if I didn't know it before, I know it now...T.M. Frazier is EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!

That ending to Lawless. OMG MOFOs, I am dead. Sent to ground. I didn't know what to do with myself.

And the preview for Soulless?? Jake??? Kill me why don't you???

And it was that preview that had me wanting to know more about Jake, no more waiting, I had to know who he was.

Abby and Jake are about as damaged as you can get. Dark and abusive childhoods. No one to trust or count on, especially Abby who suffered at the hands of the one person who is supposed to protect her.

There was only one person Abby trusted, her Nan who she came to live with at 13. And though it took her a while to accept her grandmothers love, let alone even being touched by her, once she did, the next 4 yrs of her life were the best she had ever experienced. But it didn't last, Nan was taken from her in a tragic accident. This left Abby who is now 17 completely reeling with the attitude, that nothing good in her life lasts, and even more heart breaking, she doesn't deserve goodness.

Jake had a relatively normal childhood until he tragically lost his brother and mother. His father couldn't deal with the loss and turned his pain and anger on Jake.

That's how the story opens, Jake and his fathers confrontation. It was a definite eye opener for me.

Jake and Abby meet at her lowest most desperate. And even though she doesn't really trust him, She feels an unexplained pull towards him. It was the same for Jake who didn't understand either.

I was hooked. I loved Abby and all her flaws and darkness. I loved their raw and intense story. They are both beautifully broken characters. And together, they made a light so bright, you just know to them, their world could not exist without each other.

The story is chock full of suspense, darkness, trepidation, love, terrific bantering, all wrapped up in a very dark and brutal story line.

A definite favorite for the year for me.

As an after though: Jake is as dark as you will get, I totally loved him, and I feel much better about reading Soulless now. I just couldn't do it when it initially came out, even though I bought it, I was just too traumatized.

Yeah, Jake has a way of doing that to you.
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