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Uglies, The Collector's Set by Scott Westerfeld
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May 02, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: ya-fantasy, dystopian
Read in April, 2011

When these books first came out, I was reluctant to read them. I suspected that - because of the covers - the books were the type of books I didn't care to read: stories of preppy, perfect girls and rejects. I had read Westerfeld's series The Midnighters, but none of his other series. A year after I read The Midnighters, I finally took Uglies out from the library with a sense of 'what the hell, I have nothing else to read.' Within the first few pages, I was drawn into a story of not only interesting characters, but a world I wish actually existed. To me, the worlds feel like a video game. There's the straight passage that gets you through the level's quickest, but there's also hidden areas for side games that you want to explore before you get to the end. When I finished the series, I wanted more. Not with the characters, but with the world itself.

I enjoyed the way each character is written. I don't necessarily like the main characters throughout the series, but I appreciate the way they were written. Tally Youngblood, for example. I enjoyed her character in the beginning, but - per the story line - her personality changed with each book. It was consistent, and accurate with the world, but at the same time, I grew to dislike her personality, but NOT her as a character. Westerfeld wrote each character in a way that you could truly appreciate each one. In fact, when one died, I was so upset that I spent two whole weeks debating whether or not the last book was even worth reading because I knew that character wouldn't be in it and I was so upset about their death. I ended up opening to a random page to skim and found that the author had unknowingly preyed on my love of anything Japanese, for the characters in the last book are, indeed, Japanese. Mentally shaking my fist at Mr. Westerfeld, I took it up and instantly fell in love with the world he writes all over again. The world leaves you day dreaming for eye scanners and your very own hover cam named Moggle. The world of EXTRAS was most definitely my favorite, but the little things in the first three that make you think on how our own world - the world of the Rusties - truly is. They give a whole new outlook on 'beauty' and the way someone who does not live like us would really see us. Absolutely fascinating.

I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys reading and entering new worlds.
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Melanie SPOILER ALERT! When ---- died i actually cried-then threw the boom across the room, but quickly retrieved it and kept reading, isnt it amazing how these books can make you wonder so far into them that the real world will blur for a moment?
Theyre technology can also grab us -Rusties- attentions, It would be awesome if someone would get cracking on Hoverboards!;)
How did you feel at the end of Pretties where Shays last line comes out, then the book ended??

Melanie *book

Shul Sorry for a late reply! I didn't get the notification till just now.

I was on the bus going to work when I read how ---- died! I was trying to hard not to seriously burst into tears in public, but I was so upset! And god... I loved the worlds! Like the way he wrote them made me want to not just follow the story, but peek around the corners of the story and go for a walk. I can't skateboard at all, but I want to ride a hover board so badly! It makes me wish that someone would send the books to a scientist and they'd be like 'omg this is such an awesome idea' and start constructing something like it!

I liked how he did the last line, even though I guessed that Tally would become a Special as well. Shay wasn't my favorite character though, I thought she was selfish ahaha

Sydney i totally thought the same thing from the first two covers and titles. i thought it was going to be something about a lonely girl who is ugly and doesnt fit in with the pretty popular girls blah blah blah but then someow gets in with the "pretties"/the popular girl and then becomes totally lost in everything and loses herself to being mean and caring only about looks. THANK GOODNESS i opened it up and was sucked into the exciting and exhilirating world westerfield created. treats u not to judge a book by its title or cover literally!!! i would have completely missed out if i had and i thank god that i decided to read it despite my reservations!!! lifechanging!! i cant gush enough!!!!?

message 5: by Christina (new)

Christina Loved this series - got hooked while tutoring 7th grade girl who wanted to read the first book with me. Thoroughly enjoyed all of them!

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