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Scat by Carl Hiaasen
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May 02, 2011

it was ok
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Scat was the latest Nutmeg nominee that I tackled and I can say that it was definitely not my favorite. (Although, definitely not the worst - I'm talking to you, Genius of Unspeakable Evil). I knew that, being a Carl Hiaasen book, I was in for an environmental-themed story. It would have probably been OK if it had just focused on that story line, however, it didn't. There were too many different plots happening throughout the story - a missing teacher! A pyro student! A corrupt oil drilling company! The story line that I most appreciated was the one that followed Nick's life as he finds out that his soldier father has been badly wounded in Iraq and is coming home. However, there definitely wasn't enough of that. Every time you got into one of the different stories, Hiaasen would dramatically splice off into another direction - and following a different character's POV.
However, in spite of all of that, I think that I could have been on board with Scat if it hadn't been for one GLARING problem. Hiaasen, in my opinion, made a big mistake by trying to over-appeal to kids. There are a great deal of "facebook" references and other pop-culture-isms. Kids and fads are so fleeting - what happens when these things aren't at the height of popularity? This book automatically dates itself which, to me, makes it very unappealing. We don't need facebook jammed down on throats to make us enjoy a book. I would actually prefer not setting a specific time period to a story - that way I can enjoy it at any period of time and feel like it is relevant. Ugh.
So, Scat was merely "OK" to me. I forced my way through it and, quite honestly, I will now probably forget all about it.


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