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Agp System Architecture by MindShare Inc.
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Apr 30, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: pimpin-aint-easy-but-computers-are
Recommended for: no one
Read from April 28 to May 12, 2011 — I own a copy

fair enough book, but seriously this shit is like 10 years old and useful to not a damn person.
why am i reading the spec to an obsolete peripheral interconnect? i was going to write something noble about history and appreciation of giants on whose shoulders we stand, but the truth is that i'm high, and the book was free, and there're few things i live for more than storing up little engineering nuggets of fact so that years later i can spit them out like ostfront bullets from a belt-fed Maschinengewehr 131 at coworkers, drawing uneasy references to "wikipedias in [my] head" and reaffirming an aura of An Algorithmicist Very Much Not to be Fucked With. i've said it once and i'll say it again, boys: after raw intelligence and a facility for rapidfire generalization/abstraction, a programmer's most valuable trait is mystique.

if reading 243 pages about a 66MHz 32-bit standard from the Clinton era is what it takes, it's worth it for the ability to, no matter how hungover, stifle morning argument with a briefly-raised eyebrow, a quick predatory saccade, and a look inspiring the realization (as opposed to communicating the message -- your eager beaver naysayer has demonstrated already a froggy willingness to jump up on it; this urge must be checked with a scrotumtightening epiphany of overreach) that "there is something at work here i have overlooked, or more likely never even heard of. ignoring warren buffet's admonitions, i have failed to identify the fool in the room, and the Sage of Omaha would surely now affirm me the fool. i have long searched for the crossroads of Intellectual Dominance Street and Rue Peers' Admiration, but stumbled only into the dread Forest Asseshandedback's tangles, where asses offered are known to be handed back most cruelly, and Nick with baying pack of TaB-powered codeflayers hunts unwitting engineers who would hold watchwords other than Rigor, and Sedulousness, and Constant Vigilance, few emerging with their reputations or yearly reviews unscathed.

woe, my dancing is turned to wailing!"

or, as my old comrades at mcafee put it:

i never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death - nas
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Nick Black Elizabeth wrote: ""Mystique."

That make me laugh."

but it's true though! look forward to my book, Byronic Heroes in the Cubefarm

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