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Head Rush by Carolyn Crane
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Apr 30, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from December 05 to 06, 2011

!!!!!!Gumby saves the day!!!!!!!!

With that I skate off from the man that was once my hero, leaving him there in the dark parking garage, with all his plans, hopes and dreams. This man I will attack and betray tonight. The man I just might die with. 

One of the best series finales I have ever read........

I hate it when authors save the last 25 pages for one excitement and action to sum up the series, but no Carolyn Crane starts out with excitement from the very beginning! I was hook line and sinkered from the very first page.

"You love to remind me that I'm a villain, but when I do something villainous you act outraged."

Since the aftermath of the devastating conclusion of Double Cross Justine has become blushing bride to be planning her wedding. Luckily Justina's paranoia comes in very handy in Head Rush where she finds herself questioning her relationship with neurotic, beret wearing, hideously revolting Detective Otto Sanchez and feeling nostalgia with memories of our favorite spelunker Packard. This is where the exciting roller coaster begins.  

The way I'm holding him (Gumby) in the space between us, its like Gumby's a cross I'm using to ward off a vampire. Otto takes this stricken breath just staring at Gumby. And then he shifts his gaze to me, with the weirdest expression, like grief. Like it really is having a vampire-cross effect on him.  

Needless to say this quote sums up the ridiculousness overbearing, neuroticism of this co dependent relationship between Otto and Justine.

"Gumby has to stay like this. This what Packard gave to me. You tell him that. This happiness. It was all worth it."

Onto my heroic and selfless Packard. Where do I begin with my beloved Packard. He truly is amazing. He's strong and I just can't get enough of him. Each scene he's in I find myself getting all giddy and happy, completely losing myself in this heroic, passionate character. What I love most about him is the fact that he loves Justine despite all her flaws. He encourages Justine to be stronger than her fears, while being careful not lose who she is deep inside. I've had a crush on him since book one and after reading Head Rush I'm madly insanely head over heels for my dearest Packard. He's the icing on my Red Velvet cake, and the chocolate chips in my cookies. 

Of course I keep replaying that kiss. And I'm also gratified by how tormented he seemed by the idea of my being anywhere near Otto. I suppose it's not right to enjoy that. It's the sort of thing an insecure girl would enjoy.

*sigh*I'm still thinking about the amazingly heroic Sterling Packard! *sigh*

He flings his cape backward over his bare shoulders to reveal his shirt of leather straps and gives her a smile.

Oh my! My! My! My!!! Simon has been the best kept secret of this entire series. He's an amazing friend with crazy tendencies to be outlandish, hilarious and inappropriate at the most appropriate times, but hey it's all to blame on his over active dare devil ways when he hasn't had the opportunity to Spelunk a misfortunate bystander. He adds the Zing to Justine's neuroticism. I'm hoping that Mrs. Crane will explore the idea of a Simon based series and not just the upcoming novella.  

"Be sorry for killer of Avery," Shelby says. "Because I will kill him slowly. And painfully.
Shelby brings plenty of kind hearted friendship along the way of this series. What I love most about Shelby is her loyalty and fierce ruthlessness. She can smile to your face and slice your throat in the same breath. Isn't she wonderful!? LOL. I was pulling for Shelby after the events that occurred in Double Cross because she was a strong character with so much spunk, I loved each and every scene she was in. She's definitely someone you want on your side and not against you!

I don't want to go into many details of the plot because it really truly was amazing, and I was excited and surprised the entire time. Carolyn Crane truly is a brilliant writer and I'm so disappointed this series is ending but now I'm eager to read what she has in store for my reading pleasure next. :)

"You're bigger than your fear, stronger than your fear, and you can outshine it with what you have inside you"

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9.0% ""I like to call him Detective Sanchez when we're having sex, and he plays along. It's very exciting. Actually we've developed a whole slew of X-Rated Detective Otto Sanchez Games." ughhhhhhh I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit, even picturing Otto naked makes me physically ill. LOL" 8 comments
16.0% ""And out steps Packard."" 14 comments
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14.86% "I sit up and look him in the eye. "This water is getting really gross and soapy. I'm going to shower all this off and then I'm going to crash." Meaning get out of the bathroom and don't expect to have sex." 7 comments
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Samina ~ Escapism~ wow, that sounds promising.even if I havn't read Head Rush yet, will be cheeky of me if I wish Carolyn Crane starts working on her next project.I am sure it would be wonderful.

Jamie Miss Vain, do you know how bad I want to smack Justine right now? ***DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS SERIES/BOOK......***(view spoiler)

MISS VAIN Jamie...I couldn't agree more!! I'm like (view spoiler) grrrrrr.

Samina, hurry and read it,:)

Jamie MISS VAIN wrote: "Jamie...I couldn't agree more!! I'm like [spoilers removed] grrrrrr.

Samina, hurry and read it,:)"

Totally agreed. I mean, (view spoiler)

MISS VAIN Oh Jamie you're in for a real treat with this ending!:) But that's all I shall say because I don't want to spoil anything for you.:)

Jamie MISS VAIN wrote: "Oh Jamie you're in for a real treat with this ending!:) But that's all I shall say because I don't want to spoil anything for you.:)"

Done.....Eeeek! Squeeeeeeee!!!!!

MISS VAIN I'm glad you loved it too!!! I knew you would!! Hehehe

Shelley Crap Miss V, now I have to put away all the rest of my books and jump on this! You evil dreaded person you! :O)

MISS VAIN Ooooooh Shelly, if being evil is wrong than I don't wanna be right. ;))

You must read this very soon immediately! :)

MISS VAIN Shelly, I just discovered that my amazon ebook is lendable, if you haven't already purchased it you're welcome to borrow mine.;)

Shelley I'm going to need to do that as well. Thanks Miss V, I pre-ordered it but just haven't had the time to get to it. I have 12 library books I need to somehow read really fast like.

MISS VAIN Oh yeah that's understandable. I have two digital library books that I need to hurry and read myself, so I know the feeling!:)

Samina ~ Escapism~ I just have had no time to read or but books.I will get this book this weekend though.Can't wait for more Packard.

Jamie Ahhhhh......dreamy Packard!

MISS VAIN Samina ~ Escapism~ wrote: "I just have had no time to read or but books.I will get this book this weekend though.Can't wait for more Packard."

Hey do you want to borrow my Head Rush? It says it's lendable for 14 days??

MISS VAIN Jamie wrote: "Ahhhhh......dreamy Packard!"

he is just so dreamy!!:)

Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines) Can't believe I missed your review! I need to do a better job of checking my updates.

MISS VAIN Cat Russell wrote: "Can't believe I missed your review! I need to do a better job of checking my updates."

Ha! I know the feeling, sometimes I come across yours as well am I like how did not already see that?! :)

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