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The Crowded Shadows by Celine Kiernan
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Apr 30, 2011

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I will briefly begin with excitement: this book has Irish in it! (Tá Gaeilge agat?) I understood a tiny little bit of it (Is mise fear saor!), but it's been years since I took that mini Irish Gaelic class. Anyway, there is a glossary in the back and I would have been lost without it. At least I could mostly pronounce a lot of the words, because Irish pronunciation is not, er, straightforward for English speakers.

Anyway, on to the book itself. Overall, I liked it better than the first.

While the last book was set entirely in the castle, this one takes place in the forest surrounding the kingdom. Although the three main characters are split up at the end of the first book, they meet up quite quickly again at the beginning of this one. I think it only takes 30 pages. Unfortunately, their meeting felt contrived and took me out of the story because it was so unlikely that it would actually happen this way.

We also begin to see different sides of the characters (well, really, mainly Christopher), but I'm still having trouble reconciling his personality (or rather, his interactions with Wynter) in this book to that in the previous book. Maybe that will be made more clear as I continue on.

Unfortunately, there were a number of typos in the book. That made my inner copy editor cry.

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