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Apr 30, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2011

Oh, oh, oh! I just have one thing to say about this novel, wow.
This one was sooo much better than the first (and the first was amazing), and if I had any questions or doubts or misgivings about this series, they were completely destroyed by Quest.

First off, Kishan. Most bad-boys in novels always stay aloof, and I know that they are supposed to be irritating like that, but most YA novels have crossed the line, heck, practically leaped over it, and have annoyed me soo much that I've just wanted to put down the book. So when Colleen Houck introduced Kishan in Curse, I was a little scared, but, in Quest, Colleen totally solves this for me by making Kelsey travel with Kishan, and we learn that beneath all of his cockyness and down-right rudeness, is someone who lives every-day with the pain of his decisions that he made hundreds of years ago, and that he truly cares, unlike most bad boys who are either totally evil or we never get the total character-fleshing that we got in Quest. If anything, he's got more character depth than Ren at least in this book, due to his struggle throughout with accepting both sides of himself and integrating back into society through those small windows that Houck shows us when he doesn't pretend to be devastatingly shallow in order to hide all of that pain; like the scene in the dream meadow where we get to see his true side (that was sooo cute). And guess what, he's not pretending to be angsty and shallow because he wants to keep Kelsey distant so that she falls in love with his douchy self! He actually has a normal reason other than he's "dangerous!" Gasp! But he wasn't just dark and moody, he was absolutely hilarious! He has a very snarky voice, kind of like Will and Jem in Infernal/Mortal devices series by Cassandra Clare; which I found utterly refreshing. Houck really made me grow attached to the bad-boy character that most authors just can't seem to work out. He's just a piece of work in more ways than one ;)

Have I said I love this book? Because, yeah, I love this book.

And Ren. Ohh boyyy. In Quest, his complete, total, and utter devotion to Kelsey is revealed even more, and, especially in the beginning before he takes a little hiatus so to speak (I"m trying hard to not ruin this for people! Hahah) I felt my breath get taken away whenever he talked to Kelsey; like he was looking up at me with his baby blues and talking to me, it was so real. He is just sooo beautiful, and kind, and smart, and just yummy, but not totally perfect like a lot of novels portray his type of character. He worries for kelsey, can be a little bit like a mother hen, and impatient, instead of being overly patient and almost apathetic like, dare I say, a vampire , and a lot of other "perfect" guys.

And the little contest that him and Li have is hilarious! It adds that little bit of funny so I don't get annoyed with the whole love-fest that him and Kelsey have going on. Plus, two totally hot guys who actually have character depth fighting over you? Too much to resist ;) Another shocker for me is that Ren and Kelsey actually date! I mean, that's practically un-heard of for YA novels! Most star-crossed lovers *gag* just make out and argue all the time. This, for me, felt like a much more real and intimate relationship than that. Then when he's gone, Kelsey still has what I will call 'waking dreams' and his total love for her is astonishing. He will do whatever he can to keep her safe, which brought tears to my eyes. And the whole twist that is thrown in at the end literally knocked me off of my chair. It evoked all of the feelings that I wanted when I read a book: of total shock, betrayal, anguish, and even anger at some points as we wait for Kelsey to catch up with what we already know. I almost shouted "YOU BASTARD" at the one part with Ren and those tribe girls. Ughhh! Houck just writes it all so well, and ties everything in, that it's just all the more devastating at the end of the novel when all those emotions hit me in that swift torrent that I never would have expected :'( She gets you all roped into Ren through Kelsey that when things happen, you feel like it's happening to you as well. Colleen Houck, you are one sneaky little author.

Also the relationship that Ren and Kelsey have is just so breathtakingly real, and pure, and just good. It was like I could have seen them down the street holding hands, totally in tune to one another, just the perfect love birds. The kissing scenes are swoony, deep, and just incredibly personal; I almost felt like I was intruding. Their love caught me up in the rush of it all, and it was their relationship, since they didn't have much of one in Curse, that was one of the best things about this book. Colleen Houck did what few can, something so simple, but seems to be incredibly difficult for some authors: their relationship just WAS. And that, in and of itself, sold the book for me.

And all this love brings me to Kelsey. I adore how Coleen writes her. She's not necessarily confident, but shes stong, and brave, and her love for Ren just leaves me breathless. Plus she's not totally oblivious to the world or how much Kishan and Ren obviously love her like in many other books where the idiots, I mean, girls, are like OMG there's way two guys could POSSIBLY ever like ME, so I'm going to go do something extremely stupid and life threatening! (and trust me I've wished that they would just die, many, many times) Mrs. Houck handles the forbidden love triangle angle very well, and at some parts, I really do feel torn on who she's meant to be with (don't tell me the baby scene didn't have you thinking twice! And all her dreams!) She is really able to smoothly integrate it into the story; the triangle feels very natural to me. She really lets Kishan grow on you instead of him automatically declaring his love to her the first time he sees Kelsey.

Also throughout the whole story, it's not like *cough cough*Twilight where this is a forbidden love, and Kelsey loves Ren because he's all dangerous, and she seems to love all of the opposite things that are considered normal. In this story she's just a girl, who loves a guy, who happens to turn into a tiger. And during the whole quest with Kishan, even while he's trying to make out with her later on (the little scoundrel!), she's one of the most devoted people to Ren that I've seen before in a character, and never gives up on him. Not to mention that being able to shoot lightning from your hand is about the most badass thing ever! Come on, don't tell me you've never wished that you could be able to do something totally awesome like that! Just give a little zap to an annoying person at school or a sibling... just any annoying person in general, really ;) Houck including that power helps me see that Kelsey's not just cowering in the corner while Kishan fights, she wants to get right in the action and help, which makes her all the more likable. I like a character that can stand up for herself like Kelsey can. Besides all that though I love the inner dialogue that has continued on from the last book. I feel like Houck took exactly how I, a totally normal person, would have felt in the situation and had Kelsey say them in such a funny, charming way that I would literally burst out loud in laughter at those parts.

Did I get some weird looks from the family who thought I was possibly seizing or having some sort of epileptic fit? Ohhh yes I did. Did I care? Ohhh no I didn't. Because, yeah, I'll say it again, I. Love. This. Book.

And I loved the journey, just in general that they had. Houck wrote it so eloquently that I was swallowing up every word, and I didn't even realize that it was done until I had reached the last page. It had a lot of action and suspense, but not so much that I felt like Kelsey was fighting every other second in a mini-Matrix, and also had those really deep, infinitely personal moments that I just adore to help even it out. The quests and trials that she went on were engaging, fun, with enough danger to keep you roped in throughout (with some pretty good facts all interwoven into the expedition, as well). Houck also does a superb job with tying everything together, even from teeny tiny things from the last book that I didn't even remember, and it all coalesces wonderfully in this part of the series into something that is truly a masterpiece. Long review short, if anyone is debating whether or not to pick this one up, DO. It will seriously leave you so happy, sad, and wanting the next one so badly that you're literally counting down the days. It was simply amazing.

And, if you're like me, who wants to desperately read Voyage and thinks that it should have come out yesterday *groan*, we've got a loongg wait folks. Five months :/

My own little stuffed white tiger <3 (if you can only see a little question mark box sorry about that, but it's a really cute picture hopefully I'll get it working again)

Edit: Found a picture that perfectly describes my feelings of this book!

[image error]
hahahha :)
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Colleen Houck
“I decided to find you, throw myself at your feet, and beg you to have mercy on me. Honestly, I’ll accept whatever you choose, Kelsey. Just don’t ask me to live apart from you again. Because...I can’t.”
Colleen Houck, Tiger's Quest

Colleen Houck
“There are many different types of kisses. There’s a passionate kiss of farewell—like the kind Rhett gave Scarlett when he went off to war. The kiss of I-can’t-really-be-with-you-but-I-want-to-be—like with Superman and Lois Lane. There’s the first kiss—one that is gentle and hesitant, warm and vulnerable. And then there’s the kiss of possession—which was how Ren kissed me now.
It went beyond passion, beyond desire. His kiss was full of longing, need, and love, like all those other kisses. But, it was also filled with promises and pledges, some of which seemed sweet and tender while others seemed dangerous and exciting. He was taking me over. Staking a claim.
He seized me as boldly as the tiger captured his prey. There was no escape. And I didn’t want to. I would have happily died in his clutches. I was his. And he made sure I knew it. My heart burst with a thousand beautiful blooms, all tiger lilies. And I knew with a certainty more powerful than anything I’d ever felt before that we belonged together. ”
Colleen Houck, Tiger's Quest

Colleen Houck
“No matter what happens, please remember that I love you, hridaya patni. Promise me that you'll remember."

"It's a pet name our father used to call our mother. It means...wife of my heart.”
Colleen Houck, Tiger's Quest

Colleen Houck
“I once told Ren our story wasn't over.
And it's not.
Not yet.”
Colleen Houck, Tiger's Quest

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Chelsea Fuller What?! How did you get it already?! The release date is June 7th! :(

Cait Well, see that's what I thought when I read Curse a couple of months ago. I was like obsessed because I had seen other people had had the book. But most of them had bought the book when it had been released it the first time (she had to take it off of the market because she ran out of money) I thought I wasn't going to be able to get it until June, either. But here's how I got it: I went to my local library. They had bought the book when she had first released it. I literally squealed in the library ( I still havent returned and it's been two months I'm gonna have major overdue rates) so try that! And if your library doesn't have it; then the other libraries in your county might and just look it up on your libraries computer and if another library has it, they can send it to you! :) I hope you can find it!!

Chelsea Fuller oh wow! Awesome! Thanks so much :)

Cait You're welcome! :) It was soo amazing it's worth the trouble looking :)

NaKayla I cant wait

Cait It is seriously amazing <3 you're gonna love it!

Sandy Love your review! I am eagerly anticipating Tiger's Voyage. I immediately went and preordered it after that cliffhanger.

By the way, have you heard of there being a fourth book to the series called Tiger's Destiny? Goodreads doesn't list it, but I recall seeing something about it once.

Cait Why, thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :) Me, too! That cliffhanger literally left me almost as torn up as Kelsey! I mean, reading Voyage's synopsis, I know that Ren loves her again, but I just need to know how!

Why, yes, yes I have :) There is going to be....five or six books I believe it says on her website, and Destiny is her fourth and the longest she's written :) apparently there's a big battle scene in it! :D I'm seriously obsessed. I have her twitter page where she has these really cool "posts" from the characters during points in the book. I always freak out when one is Ren hahah :)

NaKayla Tiger's quest is on amozon better hurry quick time almost out to get it wensday june 1. I already ordered mine saturday

Sandy Amazon actually shipped it early. I got mine on May 27. =)

message 11: by Cait (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cait yeah, I know! And that's pretty cool, Sandy! I would say I'm jealous, but I read it about two months ago :D did you totally freak out when it came?! Because I freaked out when I found Quest at the library!

NaKayla Mine is coming in on saturday. I will freak when I get it. I CANT WAIT

message 13: by Cait (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cait Hahahah I can tell. It's totally worth it! :D seriously, best book I've read in a longggg time (if you can't tell from my review hahaha)

message 14: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling Such a great review, Cait!

message 15: by Cait (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cait Well thank you very much! :) I just loved this book. One of the best ones I've read all year, without a doubt :)

NaKayla I finally got my book and im in love with it. I have been waiting for months.

April An amazing review for an amazing book :D

April and did you see the Voyage teaser at the end of the book???? it killed me

Rhiannon I saw my copy at WalMart. I was glad they had it!!

Rhiannon When is the 3rd one coming out already!! It killed me too, at the end. I'm wondering if Kishan and Kelsey were in a vision someplace, or if it was real.....

message 21: by Cait (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cait Rhiannon (Icetalon of Riverclan/Maximum Ride Lover wrote: "When is the 3rd one coming out already!! It killed me too, at the end. I'm wondering if Kishan and Kelsey were in a vision someplace, or if it was real....."

November first is the release date! I think all of kelsey's "waking dreams" and visions are portraying real events. So I can kind of guess the plot of the next book

April wrote: "An amazing review for an amazing book :D"

Thank you! :D and ugh yes I did! It was horrible!

April ~*Rhiannon*~ (Icetalon of Riverclan) wrote: "When is the 3rd one coming out already!! It killed me too, at the end. I'm wondering if Kishan and Kelsey were in a vision someplace, or if it was real....."
I really hope it was real because that would mean ren remembers her if we assume that it was Ren who yelled at Kishan to let her go

Rhiannon Yeah, but I hope Kelsey dosen't hurt Kishan.....

April i know i feel really bad for him hes had a hard time

message 25: by Rhiannon (last edited Jul 12, 2011 01:28PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rhiannon Yeah. I like him a little bit more than Ren, for some reason. He's cooler, and in the 2nd, he helps Kelsey out. Unlike Ren. *grimaces*

message 26: by Cait (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cait Yeah that's what I think as well. According to Kelsey's dream in Curse, Ren remembers who she is/falls back in love with her ('m assuming Durag's deal with Ren lasts an amount of time or something needs to trigger him remembering) but she loves Kishan now and then Ren's devastated. Now Kelsey loves them both and she has to make her choice in Voyage. I think I will really decide who I like better (Ren or Kishan) in this book, since they will be getting equal page-time.

Rhiannon Yeah, me too. If I had to decide between the two of them, I'd pick Kishan. He just seems.....better.

Nandanie i would pick Ren. Kelsey breaks down WAYYY to easily and Ren is soft hearted enough to comfort her there is this intriguing presence about Kishan to me.. like he is always depressed about Yesubai and I think of Yesubai he is always holding back his past... Anyways if kelsey were to pick KISHAN he would always be taunted by Yesubai how he loved her how she died and now he is with another woman to me there is only one choice and that is Ren and plus Kishan is a flirt he flirted with the godess of anger,war and beauty I'm suprised Damon didnt attack him!!!!!


Barbara Skuplik Great review!

Nandanie April wrote: "and did you see the Voyage teaser at the end of the book???? it killed me"

yeah i know right especially if that person who is Ren that says LET HER GO... what a horrible time to get your memos back then to find your love with your brother!

message 32: by Cait (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cait Barbara wrote: "Great review!"

Thanks! :)

Loverbluereader love your book picture=]

message 34: by Tora (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tora cait u r amazing. this is exactly how i feel. who do u think she should pick? ren or kishan? i think ren. he is my favorite. besides, i hate it when someones in love and then someone else comes along and falls in love with the person.its sooooooooooooo annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle okay.... you've probably already tiger's destiny by now, but your description is really well written out and cool. nice review cait bait. if i hadn't read the book already then i definitely would want to. there was only only one thing i disagreed with you on and that was the bad boy thing. i lovvve the bad boys. they give a twist to the love triangle angle and it makes it fun. (although i do hate the annoying girls that always want to get into life threating situations) the bad boy still cares for her but is too lost in his own darkness to change. unlike the mr. perfectionists as you so clearly stated in your review, the bad boy makes mistakes and knows it too. in fact, usually his life is just one big mistake and he knows it. i love their snarky attitude and it just makes me laugh. the good boys are too caring and too lovey and swoony and stuff so i kinda get bored with those type of love stories. so the tiger's curse series really does put a twist as the generally though of good boy bad boy role. and mrs. houck also twisted the damsel in distress role too, which made me superbly happy. this whole story is quiet the twist with the intriguing facts, humor, and action and love. there is no other like the tiger's curse series. it truly is a masterpiece.

Tricia such a great review, I read it all even though I've already read the book ;)

message 37: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra well, I've read the whole series by now, and I'm sure you have *wooo!!!* but I totally agree with this, good job :D

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