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Smut by Karina Halle
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really liked it
bookshelves: fuck-buddy-read, funny-light, romance-love
Recommended for: people who need some laugh

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person - Dual

Amanda Newland had a lot to prove to people around her. As an aspiring author, she wanted to be the best in her class, paving the way for her writing future. But that future could be in jeopardy when she was assigned with an enemy as her writing partner.

Blake Crawford was a cocky, charming Brit. He didn't seem to take anything seriously; more interested in chasing skirts than grades. He had a secret ambition and could use her as a part of it. But their secret endeavor might not remain so for long and the truth could possibly halt their future.

I appreciate it when authors evolved and tried different genre because it shows versatility and keep things fresh. I love Karina Halle's romantic suspense book, so I'm glad she managed to successfully venture into romantic comedy.

"It’s hard for girls to focus on anything else except my good looks and big dick.”

Blake was a fun, lovable character. He may be playful but he also had a big heart. I especially love when he riled up Amanda.

Amanda was very endearing. She was serious in meeting her goals but I'm glad how she was willing to open up and take chances.

Writing with her was fun. Fighting with her was even more so. Maybe even hot. And hot is exactly what we need to bring to the table in order to rake in the dough.

I like how their relationship progressed at a good pace and the sex scenes were scorching. The supporting characters were also entertaining. My favorite was Ana, her roommate. Oh also Fluffy of course. And I absolutely love Blake's reaction to Fluffy. Those were priceless moments haha!

Basically, the way I figure so far, if I made up a pen name, found a stock image of a shirtless roid monkey, and wrote a 20-30K novella about some kind of romantic or sexual endeavour, and put it up on Amazon for 99 cents, I could stand to rake in some dough.

Erotica is one of my favorite genres and I always love reading about characters who are authors. So to have two characters with a combination of those is a winner for me. The story was entertaining, poking fun at the genre, but at the same time giving merit to its presence in the writing industry. Some of my favorite scenes were when they brainstormed ideas for pen name and book title and plot. That was hilarious and well, realistic lol!

Smut is an adorkable, light and fun story about two people's journey into publishing erotica. It's a good choice if you're looking for a quick laugh.

♥ ❂ ♥ . . . (F)BR With JaviG Twin, CC . . . ♥ ❂ ♥

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1.0% ".\n ♥ ❂ ♥ . . . (F)BR With JaviG Twin, CC . . . ♥ ❂ ♥\n \n I'll be the taller one on the right :D\n \n "
May 23, 2016 –
11.0% " Her hair is the color of cayenne pepper and cinnamon, and her arse, well I wouldn’t mind coloring it that way with my palm. \n \n "
May 23, 2016 –
25.0% " I mean, sure his smile is charming… a little less shit-eating than I’d always thought… but he ain’t Tom Hiddleston. \n \n --- I don't get the Tom Hiddleston attraction. He does nothing for me lol!\n \n "
May 23, 2016 –
35.0% " He runs his fingers along the stubble on his chin. His fingers are something else. I’ve only really noticed them as we’ve been working together but my mind has gone a few places imagining what else he can do with them. \n \n "
May 23, 2016 –
48.0% " Thank god for e-readers, you can read the filthiest shit and pretend you’re engrossed in War and Peace. The only problem is I’m turned on as hell and I’m not about to embark in public masturbation. \n \n "
May 24, 2016 –
61.0% " I don’t have much experience, but it’s seriously the largest, thickest, most intimidating dick I’ve ever seen. In person. And totally on par for what I’ve seen in porn. \n \n "
May 24, 2016 –
73.0% " I try not to stare at her in revulsion as her face turns an oily white. It must be the erotica writer in me because all I can think about is how much it looks like an epic cum shot. Cream pies all over the place. \n \n "
May 24, 2016 –
82.0% " A bead of sweat rolls off his nose and finally his eyes pinch closed as he approaches his climax, his mouth going for the crook of my neck where he bites and sucks and grunts as he pounds me, each thrust getting faster than the last. \n \n "
May 24, 2016 –
100.0% " “You two don’t have anything female on female do you?” \n \n "
May 25, 2016 – Shelved as: fuck-buddy-read
May 25, 2016 – Shelved as: funny-light
May 25, 2016 – Shelved as: romance-love
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✦❋Arianna✦❋ Awesome review, War! Glad you enjoyed! ;)

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Jennifer Kyle Fab review War xx

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Judith Terrific review,sweetheart,xx

JewelsyGoolsy Nice one War :)

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Jen Awesome review, warhawke! ❤️

warhawke Arianna wrote: "Awesome review, War! Glad you enjoyed! ;)"
Thanks Arianna!

Jennifer wrote: "Fab review War xx"
Thanks Jennifer :D

Judith wrote: "Terrific review,sweetheart,xx"
Thank you Judith!

JewelsyGoolsy wrote: "Nice one War :)"
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Patty ❤️❤️ Belongs To ❤️Kellan❤️Jesse❤️Lautner❤️Miller❤️Garrett❤️Dean and Archer❤️❤️ wrote: "FAB review Hun! :)

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Jen wrote: "Awesome review, warhawke! ❤️"
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Ebru wrote: "Great review, War!"
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Elle Terrific review, War!! :D Glad you enjoyed it.

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Michelle Excellent review babe xxx

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CC Fabulous review, Twinsie!! Love your teasers with that writer's feel of font type and paper! oXo

warhawke Elle wrote: "Terrific review, War!! :D Glad you enjoyed it."
Thanks Elle :D

Michelle wrote: "Excellent review babe xxx"
Thank you Michelle!

CC wrote: "Fabulous review, Twinsie!! Love your teasers with that writer's feel of font type and paper! oXo"
Thanks so much Twisnie! :D

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Elizabeth YAY!!! Fantastic review and your art is just beautiful! I am glad you enjoyed this one!!! :D

Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ Love your review of this book. Totally makes me want to re-read it :)))

message 14: by Mercedes (new)

Mercedes Great review war, this one sounds cute :) I love the quote in the second teaser! lol

Sabrina Amazing review, War! Sounds like I need to read this ASAP

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Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession Great review hun :)

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Candace Fantastic review, warhawke! :)

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warhawke Elizabeth wrote: "YAY!!! Fantastic review and your art is just beautiful! I am glad you enjoyed this one!!! :D"
Thanks so much Liz!

✤Maria✤ wrote: "Love your review of this book. Totally makes me want to re-read it :)))"
Thank you Maria :D

Mercedes wrote: "Great review war, this one sounds cute :) I love the quote in the second teaser! lol"
Haha! Thanks Mer!

Sabrina wrote: "Amazing review, War! Sounds like I need to read this ASAP"
Thank you Bri :D

Jessica's wrote: "Great review hun :)"
Thanks Jessica!

Candace wrote: "Fantastic review, warhawke! :)"
Thank you Candace :D

Sophie  **2 Greek Girls Reading** Stunning review, War! (: So glad you enjoyed! Can't wait to read this myself! ;)

warhawke Salvatore wrote: "Stunning review, War! (: So glad you enjoyed! Can't wait to read this myself! ;)"

Thanks S! It was a fun read :D

Denise Hawkey, Fabulous review!

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Mrs. Javier Amazinv review!

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Mrs. wrote: "Amazinv review!"
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❥Lil Fabulous review, War! xx

warhawke ❥Lil wrote: "Fabulous review, War! xx"

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Bex | TotallyBex.com Great review, War! I enjoyed this one, too!

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Julia Awesome as always, War! Loved it!)))

warhawke Bex wrote: "Great review, War! I enjoyed this one, too!"
Thanks Bex :D

Julia wrote: "Awesome as always, War! Loved it!)))"
Thank you my lovely!

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