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Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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holy green lantern glowing Nick ,
the cover is glowing and blinding me! lol love it!

The world of the Dark-Hunters is unlike anything you’ve every seen before. It’s dark. It’s gritty. It’s dangerous…

And it’s a whole lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

My name is Nick Gautier and this is the story of my life.

First off, get the name right. It’s pronounced Go-shay not Go-tee-ay or Goat-chay (that has an extra H in it and as my mom says we’re so poor we couldn’t afford the extra letter). I’m not some fancy French fashion designer. I’m just a regular kid… well as regular as someone with a stripper for a mother and a career felon for a father can be.

And now I’m seriously hooked to this series!

First off, I’d like to let you know this is the first series from Sherrilyn Kenyon I ever read and LOVED . I read the first book of Dark Hunter, the Night Pleasure (last month) and as much as I like the characters I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Infinity. I’m still scaling if I’ll continue reading the DH series, "chronologically". Or Ill just skip and read the books with Acheron and Nick story. (Two of most character I seriously want to know more about)

Infamous like the previous books in the series is a rollercoaster action with sharp witty humors that absolutely hooked me to this series. Unlike in the Infinity, with zombie attack and Invincible, with the killer coach, this time Nick Gautier is walking the fine line between good and evil. He has to deal with demons that are trying to enslave him and his father trying to kill him. With lots of sidetrack like school bullying chaos and his mom drama thing. It wasn't as exciting to me as the past installments, but that was mainly because the author spent a lot of time laying the ground work for the series. The series is starting to take shape, but the main story plot seemed loosely threaded throughout the book to string together the bullying aspect. It was so strongly intertwined with the other story lines I felt it got lost at times, which I found made the plot hard to follow in the middle of the book, before things came together in the end. Not only that, I have to say there were so many characters introduced in chapters that it became difficult to follow who was who. It’s kind of hard specially if readers didn’t read the DH series just like me. However those characters that did stand out enough to be easily remembered provoked interest and empathy and certainly kept me reading on.

Did I mention that I totally love the audio of this book?
Except to Jim Dale, the voice of 'all' the characters in the Harry Potter audio book series, I’m officially in love with Holter Graham's narration of the three books of Chronicles of Nick. He did an amazing job with creating wonderful voices for each distinct character. Matching the voice with the character's personality and their accents is truly admirable. It adds another dimension to the very character that I trying to visualize in my mind. I recommend if you want to read this go for the audio book !

As you can see from the number of books in the DH series, it has a massive range of Greek mythology, demons and other creatures. I probably try to read that series because I have a feeling that this 3rd installment is the start of whack up intertwined between Dark-Hunter and Chronicles of Nick.

All in all, Infamous have interesting plot with interesting characters. It is action packed with a lot of emotion and great quality writing. And the well-sarcasm and witty humor of 'my' Nick? - priceless .

Some of my favorite Nick moments:

“That’s right. Uh-huh. Uh-huh,” Nick said arrogantly. “You
might know karate, boy, but I know gorilla, and I’m a levelforty
champion in it. Let’s hear it for Diddy Kong! Ew! Ew!
Ew! Ew! Ew!” He mimicked the sound of a gorilla as he
held on for dear life.
Thorn: You've no real powers, do you?
Nick: Oh contraire, mon frére. I'm able to annoy all adults in ten syllables or less. Sometimes, I don't even have to speak at all. I just walk into the room and it rankles them.
Thorn: I can see that.

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Sherrilyn Kenyon
“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss other people. Life's too short to worry about what other people do or don't do. Tend your own backyard, not theirs, because yours is the one you have to live in.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infamous

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“The worst wounds, the deadliest of them, aren't the ones people see on the outside. They're the ones that make us bleed internally.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Infamous

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Aeriel You will end up loving the dark hunters and will probably go back and change your rating of the first book... plus the story line is really important.. but whatever you decide you will love ash's story but there are parts where the story is really important to understand why certain things are happening to both nick and ash

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