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Beyond Ecstasy by Kit Rocha
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Advance Review Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I received this ARC with a rush request to read and post a review ASAP, without a firm release date or pre-order/purchase links available. I was informed the book is in the final final editing stages and will release “very soon”…as in, within the next 7 to 10 days.

Was I up for the challenge?

Fuck, yeah I was!

*shoves all other books aside and shouts GIMME*

This next to last book of the series……my god.

Eden has cut out the lights to the sectors. Then they went and electrified their perimeter wall to fry the asses of any who dare get close.

It’s on.

War is imminent; brewing faster than whiskey distills.

Alliances have been made. Can they be trusted?

The city of Eden is full of cray cray egomaniacs. What the hell are they gonna do next?

Sector Leader Dallas O’Kane is stressed the fuck out.

Everyone is on a knife’s edge, knowing it’s not a matter of if…but when.

Every book of this series has been leading to these final moments, laying the groundwork along the way with layers of intricate details of betrayal and devotion. Everyone is trying to stay just one step ahead, trying to outsmart the idiots in power, trying to toss a few wrenches in their cogs, doing everything they can to survive to fight and love another day.

Sector Four has a successful reputation as a hedonistic, drunken playground of cage fights and raunchy public sex. What the outsiders don’t seem to get is that at the core, the members of the O’Kane gang have built their foundation on mutual trust and respect for all members. They love fiercely and openly. But make no mistake, if you wear the ink you’re part of a family -- probably better than the one you were born into in this post-flare world. You’d die to protect any of your brothers or sisters, and you’d die to prevent the evils of a corrupt Eden digging in their clutches any further.

Book Eight centers on Hawk and Jeni, they’ve been circling each other for ages with serious longing interest. Hawk finally takes his shot because the end of the world might be nigh, so why not? There’s no time for a slow and gentle courtship, it’s now or never, go big or…don’t bother.
"He knew shit-all about romance and women, but he knew know how good fucking could be. Fast and hot enough to burn through all the tension tying him up, better than a thousand fight nights."

Their relationship takes off like a rocket and Jeni’s a little apprehensive but along for the ride because at least it’s better to go out with a few more bangs than no bangs at all. (Dirty pun intended.) Also, she gets him. They fit. Their connection is strong in ways beyond sexual chemistry.

But…they didn’t exactly think this through. There’s more at stake, not only because of an uncertain future but a promise of trust made more powerful because of a collar and all that entails. Hawk has denied that side of himself so is sort of new to the scene. The gift of submission is a heady thing, does he truly deserve it? Can he give Jeni what she needs? And…can he keep her safe in bed and out?
"...she relaxed back in her chair and let her eyes and expression go dark and sultry. "Oh, he's been taking very, very good care of me. You want the filthy details, sweetheart?""

Damn, this was a roller coaster. The kind I couldn’t tear my eyes away from for any longer than the hours I needed to sleep and work. I needed the answers to all my questions, now dammit.

When it counts, can Hawk put his trust and faith in Jeni to help pull them through? Can he stand back and allow her to use her talents to help the cause and save their lives?
"When you tried to save my life, all I could hear was you saying that I'd be fine without you. But you were also saying that you loved me too much to let me die. And if we love each other that much, so much we'd die for it, then it seems pretty stupid not to try to live for it, too."

It’s a little reckless, a lot gut-wrenching, a fuck-ton sexy, action-packed and thoroughly gripping.

And it’s good to be reminded this post-flare dystopian world manages to have sexy, silky lingerie and fuck-me heels, that it’s not all Mad Max raggedy scrappiness in our future. That’s important information for this sometimes girly-girl.

There's a reason I've rated every book in this series an emphatic five stars -- I swear this entire series is THE BEST in smart erotica with plots that grab you by the throat and takes you to a world of passion, danger, and intrigue. The authors of Kit Rocha are a dynamo team that has never failed to wow me with their greatness.

What will I do when it’s all over with the next book?
A. Wear black for a week
B. Cry
C. Eat ice cream from the carton
D. Drink whiskey straight from the bottle
E. All of the above at the same time while sitting alone in a dark corner

Hint: It’ll probably be that last one. But then there’s a spinoff series brewing. So, there’s that to look forward to. I’ll pull myself together in time to fan-girl. Promise.

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