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Abandon by Meg Cabot
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Apr 27, 2011

really liked it
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Read from April 27 to 28, 2011

Meg Cabot's Abandon was a gripping dark tale that had me at page one. As YA PNR Fictional Mythology is becoming more and more popular, it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain originality. Being a lover of mythology, I am overjoyed with books that are imaginative and creative yet still stick to the original concept. Abandon was one of those books.

Abandon is not only extraordinary but extremely entertaining with a creative twist intertwining modern day times with age old mythology but the thrills, chills and suspense factor is what kept me reading well into the night. There wasn’t as much outward romance as I was expecting but the undercurrent was there and it was powerful! I’m so thankful this is a trilogy because I think Ms. Cabot has only scratched the surface of her incredibly imaginative and creative version of the Underworld mythology. Personally, I can’t wait to read more about John and Pierce but I am also interested in the secondary characters, which played a critical part in the book. A One-Sit-Read for this reviewer!

Abandon tells the tale of Pierce, a teenager who is incredibly empathetic and born to privilege. Life was good for Pierce until she died. Pierce escapes the keeper of the Underworld, John, in what I can only describe as a truly fantastical mythical way. Afterwards, Pierce seems to be troubled and from others perspectives, violent as opposed to seeing this as a second chance at life or a miracle, as most think she should feel. But, they don’t know the truth; they don’t know about John, keeper of the Underworld and apparently, keeper of Pierce. When violence occurs every time Pierce is threatened she is blamed for the violence that occurs until finally her mother takes her to a small island off the Florida Keys where she grew up and where her family still resides. It’s there that Pierce starts to get answers to questions, questions about things she didn’t even know existed until she moved there. Things that just may land her in the last place she wants to go back to: The Underworld.

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Marla So jealous! B&N got my copy out too late and now I have to wait until Friday to get it due to the storms!

Kristi-The Book Faery Oh, that stinks! It's very good so far, I'm only 35% through the book and so far it's very good. Mine came in and I didn't realize it because it went to my archives in my Kindle!

My other Kindle had a slight 'mishap' so all the books I pre-ordered on that Kindle go to archives, LOL. At least I found it :o]

Friday will be here before you know it!

Bad B & N!!! Bad Mother Nature!!! Where do you live that the storms are so bad?

message 3: by Marla (last edited Apr 27, 2011 05:01PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Marla You mean there is a Kindle edition!? I have a Nook, but there wasn't a Nook edition when I ordered. Bad B&N, indeed!

I'm in Tennessee. Severe storms have been rolling through since the wee hours of the morning. In fact, we were awakened by tornado sirens at 15 'til 7. Things are just now starting the calm down, but there may be one last severe thunderstorm.

ETA: I just checked B&N out of curiosity. They're now offering a Nook edition! What the heck is that!? If I had known they would, I would have held onto my gift card and ordered it, instead.

Kristi-The Book Faery Oh, that's terrible about the storms! Scary to get woke up by sirens! Glad you're safe :o]
I'm in Northern Lower Michigan and we've been getting some wicked thunderstorms, too. Last week it was snowing-gotta love this Michigan weather.

Also terrible about Abandon being on Nook, I hate when they don't let you know if the book is going to be released in e-format when you pre-order :o[

Glad you're safe and only a 1.5 days to go!

Marla I've had my fill of crazy weather for the week, but there's supposed to be more in a few days. Argh!

At least the physical copy was $0.10 cheaper. :P That's some consolation.

Kristi-The Book Faery It's weird how the weather's been whacky everywhere :o(

I'm glad you got some consolation!

Milly Great review! I just got the book at the library and can't wait to read it!

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