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The Roar by Emma Clayton
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Apr 27, 2011

it was amazing
Read from April 27 to 30, 2011

Okay, I PROMISE I had no idea that this book had the whole virtual-reality-game thing in it. All of a sudden, every book has it!! But this wasn't really like the others - the game is a small part of the story. It's dystopian fiction, full on full. I know, I know, I read too much of it. But it's different, I promise.
And what's so different? This time, we have a world where people all live squished in bad conditions behind a Wall to keep safe from the Animal Plague. Before, animals went feral and carried a horrible disease - it was massacre. Those who survived lived behind the Wall. Oh, and technology has advanced a lot - always important to know that. Our main character, Mika, has a sister who's been kidnapped. Everyone else thinks she's dead, but Mika can't believe it. When the opportunity to find her arises, Mika takes it, and is thrown into a blood thirsty world of danger, where he and his new friends and tested and trained for the biggest Secret of all.
So, the plot isn't very enticing when I put it that way, but I just can't talk about the exciting parts - the trials, the conspiracies, and the horrible things they learn. I can describe how much I loved the way it was set up - the competition, the different rounds, the prizes, etc. I also quite enjoyed how much of a loving bond Mika has with his family. It was touching to see how much they all cared for each other, and how much Mika comes to care for his other friends.
All in all, I have to say it was pretty well written. I'm avidly waiting for the next book - the Whisper. Did I mention that the ending has a HORRIBLE cliff hanger? It's like the story has hardly begun. Oh well - I know I have high expectations for the next book!

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