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The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
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Jun 03, 2007

it was amazing
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Since I alluded to this book during another review, I thought it fitting I actually review this one =)
This is such a beautiful story about friendship and selflessness, about love and acceptance. So many wonderful themes that I try and teach my children wrapped up into book form. I have cried over the book since my parents read this to me when I was little, so I can't blaim the tears on skewed hormones from birthin' my babies. My daughter likes to ask me occasionally to read the green book that makes me cry like a baby, "cause it's funny". I have to say it must be pretty amusing to my children to hear mama blubber as she tries to get through the pages. Reading aloud becomes an adventure.

Wow! there is such a disparity in views for this book, and that totally rocks. For me this book has always been about the purity of the tree's love, of its giving nature, and also about a selfish little boy who can't seem to see the beauty of it. Even when I was younger I yearned for the boy to simply see what had always been right in front of him. I will always love this story, and what it has said to me for years, just as I will inevitably, always cry with the reading of it.
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☮little White I love this book. I have always enjoyed reading it since i was a little kid. I feel like this book is good for kids to read. I think it teaches you respect for nature and your elders. you need to appreciate them while you can because they wont be around forever. i think people can learn alot from it. I cry everytime i read it because it reminds me of my mom and how selfless she is when it comes to helping me. If she has them means to help she'll give me what ever i need. I bought this book and put it up for my future children. I hope i can be as good of a tree to them.

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