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Creature of the Night by Kate Thompson
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really liked it
bookshelves: 4-star, contemporary, read-2016, young-adult, ya-male-narrators
Recommended to C.G. by: Finn Longman

Okay THAT WAS SEVERELY CREEPY. I actually didn't know what to expect with this one. And honestly? It isn't my normal kind of book. BUT I JUST GOT SERIOUSLY ADDICTED TO IT. I didn't want to stop reading.

A Brief Run Down On What It's About:
• Bobby -- who is the BRAT OF THE CENTURY
• Seriously I wanted to slap this kid into the next century because he's really rude and sexist and disagreeable and cruel.
• But then his mother (who is awful) moves him and his little brother to the country and THINGS GET CREEPY.
• The neighbours are like "Ooh, fairies!"
• The little brother is like "I'm playing outside with a little woman no one else ever sees!"
• Bobby is like "Imma steal a car"
• #mildpanicattack

It's all VERY British. Am I allowed to say British? It's in Ireland??? IRISH. Whatever. They drink tons of tea, like Bobby is literally so addicted to tea. #British And between being AWFUL, he starts doing tons of manual labour with the farming neighbours. Like he's a thieving city kid....and he's learning how to fix cars and mow and ahhh I have no idea why I found that so interesting BUT I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH. The sensory details were so great that I really felt in the story.

...which made all the food DOWNRIGHT TORTUROUS. 'Scuse me. May I please have a ham sandwich and some TEA. (I don't even like tea. Wut's wrong with me.)

The characters are ALL very unlikeable though. I mean, ugh, Bobby is HORRID to his mother. And he's only 14 but totally addicted to smoking. And he blows money on drugs and his "friends" are. the. worst. Like by all rights I should've hated him...but I just sort of warmed up to him?! His character development is A+. I ROOTD FOR HIM TO GET HIS LIFE TOGETHER.

But argh argh argh to his mother. Like she had problems. I get that. But she totally abused the 4yo little brother (Dennis) who wet the bed all the time. (Duh to why he's still wetting the bed.) And AGH. It just made me sick how UNLOVED both Bobby and Dennis truly where.

I also liked how it focused on character development. And how there was ZERO ROMANCE. I'm so pleased about that.

Basically: it's a slow but very investing story with a good dose of CREEPY to keep you up at night. I mean, all that scrabbling going on in the night IS TOTALLY JUST NOTHING. #screams And I devoured the whole book in a few hours and it's just ... eeep. I JUST LIKE IT OKAY?!?! Even if a lot of the British lingo was lost to me. And even if I wanted to smack all the characters. I NEEDED to know the answer to who was the "creature in the night" and I got very invested in the characters.

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57.6% "Robert is such a despicable BRAT and yet...I basically can't stop reading. Maybe a fairy will eat him?"
May 12, 2016 – Shelved as: 4-star
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Finn Longman It is very Irish. (Many Irish people would be offended to be called British, though, which is... fair. Ireland actually drinks the most tea in, like, the world? Excepting maybe China. WHICH IS RIDICULOUS BECAUSE THEY ONLY HAVE SIX MILLION PEOPLE HOW ARE THEY DOING THAT. Oh, Ireland. Can't get a government together, but they can drink a ton of tea.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! This book gave me actual nightmares when I was twelve, but it's so good.

C.G. Drews @Miriam: I figured the Irish probably don't want to be called British. I NEVER KNOW THESE THINGS. GAH. #fail But after reading this...I believe you about the tea. I mean, Bobby was actually addicted to smoking but he chose tea over smokes.

I'm really glad I liked it too!! :D Although not so much faeries? BUT MUCH CREEP.

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen Ryland What is wrong with tea??

Finn Longman Cait Grace wrote: "@Miriam: I figured the Irish probably don't want to be called British. I NEVER KNOW THESE THINGS. GAH."
Yeah they basically hate us. They're technically still part of the British Isles, because that's a geographical marker, but they're not a part of Great Britain, because that's a sociopolitical marker. It ... confuses people. Unless they're in Northern Ireland, in which case that's a part of Great Britain, because politics.

I think the reason the Irish drink so much tea is for a similar reason to why the English do: it's warm, and comforting, in a country that is cold and wet. Ireland is colder and wetter, so they drink even more tea. There's an old joke about the Irish summer being their favourite day of the year. Or that it rains three days a year: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Ah, Ireland. Charley and I are going there this summer -- to the Burren, actually, which is pretty near where this book is set. This is on the Clare side, whereas The New Policeman is on the Galway side. Kate Thompson actually lives in Kinvara (the town in TNP), and we're planning to visit there, but we're mostly focused on Co. Clare this time around. I can't remember exactly which town this book is set near? I know it mentions Ennis, which we might visit if we can work out the buses. There's a fair bit of music there, there's a fleadh in August that I'm not sure if we'll coincide with.

message 5: by Firefly (new)

Firefly No, I don't believe the Irish like to be called British :P I don't know much about them either, though I do have a lot of Irish blood. BUT THE BRITISH WERE SO MEAN TO THE IRISH. Have you never heard of the Irish Potato Famine? SO the Brit's fault.

Finn Longman Firefly wrote: "BUT THE BRITISH WERE SO MEAN TO THE IRISH. ."

We were. It's true. Not that I'm particularly British, particularly as far back as the relevant periods, so I don't know why I'm taking responsibility ;)

message 7: by Squeaks (new)

Squeaks Sounds terrifying - I don't mind books with evil malicious villains or GRRM-like let's-just-knock-off-a-couple-thousand-wonderful-characters-in-horrible-traumatizing-ways, or even a good creepy chase scene, but stuff that goes bump in the night always tends to freak me out and I'd just rather #avoidavoidavoid (I once read a book where the trees were evil and they reached in through a window and tried to steal the life from a sleeping teenager #terror D: I don't cope well with horror generally).

TL;DR - I'll just bypass this one *nods to self and scrolls on*

C.G. Drews @Jen: Nothing's wrong with tea! XD I just love how much if features hehe.

C.G. Drews @Miriam: GENERAL APOLOGY TO ALL THE IRISH. *hangs head in shame*

But omg, the weather in the UK...nope. I mean, I complain about the heat in Australia, but I'd rather boil my eyeballs out than have ONE DAY OF SUMMER. XD

(Tbh, though, I think the Aussies stole tea drinking from the British/Irish. Because there is so much tea here too. My parents drink at least 4 or 6 cups a day. Everywhere you go it's TEA. HAVE TEA. And it's boiling here so I don't even know what our problem is.)

message 10: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @Squeaks: Awww...BUT BUMP IN THE NIGHT BOOKS ARE SO FUN. ;D Or crawling down dark holes with creatures inside? ;) What can go wrong...

Finn Longman Pfft. I don't function if it gets above 25° and tbh, when I was in Ireland the weather was lovely for 5 out of 7 days. The other two were very wet. But I'll still stick with this country. Yours spiders scare me.

message 12: by Kate (new)

Kate im so happy you love books without romance too!

message 13: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars


@Kat: It's a pleasant surprise to find some, right?! ;D

message 14: by Firefly (new)

Firefly Miriam wrote: "Pfft. I don't function if it gets above 25° and tbh, when I was in Ireland the weather was lovely for 5 out of 7 days. The other two were very wet. But I'll still stick with this country. Yours spi..."

IKR? I could never move to Australia - the spiders and the heat and I would die.

message 15: by Squeaks (new)

Squeaks Cait Grace wrote: "@Squeaks: Awww...BUT BUMP IN THE NIGHT BOOKS ARE SO FUN. ;D Or crawling down dark holes with creatures inside? ;) What can go wrong..."

Ughhhhh nooooooo *hides in blanket* not a dark hole D:

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