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Apr 24, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2011, realistic-fiction, whoa-that-s-heavy
Read from June 14 to 17, 2011

This story just made so much sense. You know in that way how you feel somebody really understands the way you think? That's how I felt the whole time reading this. Not to say I've ever been through anything like this, not even close.

Clara sees herself as a normal girl. Nothing too spectacular but all that changes when she meets Christian. He's enigmatic and charismatic (gotta be careful of the matic's obviously) and makes her feel powerful and like a whole new person with countless possibilities for change. As time moves along though their relationship takes an ugly turn; Christian has become dangerously obsessed with Clara. She has to flee with her father to a seaside town where secrets will be revealed and hopefully some good changes can happen.

It's hard to read about how a character is slowly digging themselves into a hole they may never be able to escape, so with that in mind I thought I was going to be really uncomfortable reading this. The book is told in alternate chapters. One side of the story is where we see how Clara gets involved with Christian to the point where she leaves him and the other when she is in the seaside town with her father. The layout worked and was the only way it could have been told so it could leave a moving impression on the reader.

I loved almost everything about it. Clara is an introspective character, and is frank about how things went down, her feelings, and her part in things. She knows that she has to move past this and the place they chose for this is perfect. I could feel the pull of the ocean, its commanding beauty, the waves splashing, and the sharp smell of salt. And all of this is coming from a person who has been to a beach once in her life. The other characters are fully fleshed out and there isn't a flat one among the bunch. Clara's father was a real intriguing character and isn't MIA (but there is a dead mother I guess we can't have everything, but Clara makes an interesting comment about that) like in many other YA novels. He is in the story quite a lot actually and is a main player in Clara's recovery.

There is a stark contrast between Christian and Finn (the other love interest). You can tell one is just healthier for her. I'm glad Caletti wrote this story. She is clear about how wrong it is for someone to revolve their life around you and that real love is much more gentle and doesn't feel wrong ever.

The only qualm I had is that it could get a bit verbose and the little bit with her father's secret I thought was just a teensy eensy bit over the top, but I'm fully satisfied. Fully satisfied.

Just a note: Since it's summertime I'm listening to lots of music and one song kept inching into my brain while reading this. The link is here. The song's chorus has this one line that says, “for as much she stumbles she's running” and the words really struck me as true. Even though Clara is in trouble and is stumbling over how to get over this she keeps moving forward, she keeps running.
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Quotes Cara Liked

Deb Caletti
“We can get so wrapped up in our own misconceptions that we miss the simple beauty of the truth.”
Deb Caletti, Stay

Deb Caletti
“You can forget that other people carry pieces of your own story around in their heads. I've always thought--put together all those random pieces form everyone who's ever known you from your parents to the guy who once sat next to you on a bus, and you'd probably see a fuller version of your life than you even did while living it.”
Deb Caletti, Stay

Deb Caletti
“One of the hardest tasks as a human being is knowing when to keep an open mind, and when not to.”
Deb Caletti, Stay

Deb Caletti
“Empathy took the edge off, and the truth is, we need our edge. Our edge is trying to speak to us, and we are too, too good at shutting it up.”
Deb Caletti, Stay

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Valerie Great song! You should put song links more often.

Cara That was Ash was telling me;) I can only do that when I actually think of a song. The songs just come when they want, I don't have a say so really:D

Valerie I get it, you can't force a song to a book. Anyways, great review too.

Cara Thanks Val;)

message 5: by Amber J. (new) - added it

Amber J. thanks for the song recommendation, I would never have found that band otherwise lol...and your review has confirmed that I need to buy this book, so thanks for that too =)

Cara You're quite welcome Amber J. Hope you love the book as much as I did:D

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura Beautiful review, Cara! I want to read this, but I can’t seem to pick it up. Ya know?
I’m going to cry like a baby—I just know it! Haha…Thanks for the push & inspiration though. I will soon. :)

Cara Thanks Laura:) I know what you mean. There are so many titles out there that I want to read but I hesitate because I know I'm gonna be a mess afterwards. Hope you read it and be as moves as I was.

message 9: by Kanani (new)

Kanani Jett I totally agree with everything you've stated here. This book is really amazing and can teach young ladies especially a life lesson. Young girls now and days just go for a guy that just looks good and don't really try to find out much about their personalities before considering to date them. I love the personality the author gave Clara. She's aware of everything going on in her life, and she deals with them like a normal girl would. Even though she doesn't have a mother present in her life anymore she still pulls through with her father by her side every step of the day. Don't want to spoil the book for people who hasn't read it yet, but i recommend strongly for people to read this book.

message 10: by Cara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cara Thank you so much for your lovely description Kanani! I believe it's an important book and it deserves to be read, like you stated.

Natalie Great review, Cara :D

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