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魔法科高校の劣等生 1 入学編〈上〉 by Tsutomu Satou
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it was ok
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This book was first put on the web it seems :|
So for the first 80% of the book you only really get tiny little snippets of the blatant misogyny that gets dropped in the last 20% of the book. That is if you can get past the whole onii-san in love with imouto-chan and it does say they are blood related so this isn't one of the step sibling situations you see in most ecchi and hentai stories.
What's interesting is this book remarks upon how short the skirts are. It isn't the first thing I've seen to do this, but is it really lost on the author that it's the author/creator that made the skirts short in the first place. It's also men in the real life that impose a uniform mandate of skirts on to women because it's "appropriate feminine attire"?

In this book this is what happens:
Tatsuya goes to school
He meets some girls that are now his harem
He joins the student council as an enforcer
He stops a fight

The rest is getting from point A->B and sticking in stuff like seeing his sister in her underclothes and perving while not perving over her. Basically the author pervs over her but Tatsuya is the "strong will of iron"
So the first part of this book is basically one big info dump about psions, CADs and how magic works interspersed with getting from A-> B. The latter part is sexually degrading all the female characters and having Tatsuya play hero to save all of them and humiliating them and garbage. With an ending that just...ends. This book is basically a steaming pile. But not SO bad as that Kensha book.

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0.0% "I hear this one is shit.. let's find out!"
May 8, 2016 –
6.0% "I swear gamer gators translate these things the amount of default males and "a female/females" that abound in the translations."
May 8, 2016 –
13.0% "13% and I haven't wanted to throw it across the room yet...."
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18.0% "So this book sexualizes the littler sister and "onii-sama"'s gaze upon his own sister. I kinda knew going in that the brother was in love with his sister, but this is all kinds of gross. Also because this is HIGH SCHOOL, we are sexualizing a girl."
May 13, 2016 –
27.0% "So lns love to info dump on you. Akso more sexualizing the 15 yo sister. This really isn't keeping my interest."
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34.0% "This is a video game isn't it"
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49.0% "So the best way to become a successful light novelist is to info dump at all times. All the info when it's brought up.\n Basically all that's happened is that Tatsuya stopped and fight and joined the Student Council. That's it. The rest was just info dump."
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58.0% "58% we've gone without Tatsuya getting sexually aroused and here it is.. if only the author could have just left that whole bit out as really it's throw away and only there to go "See he's a 'red blooded non-homo male that likes boobs'!""
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59.0% "We are at the "Hey Hattori is TOTALLY not supposed to lose this fight cuz he's all Bloom! But we know he's going to lose this fight because we just pointed out he's not supposed to lose this fight.""
May 19, 2016 –
60.0% "BOOP he lost"
May 19, 2016 –
61.0% "Oh and of course the whole result has to go up one level with Tatsuya performing a feat only magic can accomplish, physically."
May 19, 2016 –
64.0% "The thing with all these seinen or I should say shounen because they are that childish, LNs is that they always have a one uppance going on and here we have the super awesome and flawless Tatsuya that studied under some master take out Hattori and older year student with a custom CAD etc. etc."
May 19, 2016 –
64.0% "I meant this is the very definition of a self insert male power fantasy, or as one would say a "Mary Sue" if they wanted to be misogynistic about it. Only men are allowed this while women aren't. Of course Tatsuya is a Weed because he probably can't do one tiny thing that everyone else can do. But it never becomes a burden at all in the story."
May 25, 2016 –
74.0% "Oh, McMaleInsert can dual wield CADs too.\n He also likes commenting and controlling his little sisters clothing choices."
May 25, 2016 –
75.0% ""Miyuki exuded such charm to drive men mad"\n Fuck a cactus. Learn some self control you monsters or else you DO deserve to be killed."
May 25, 2016 –
77.0% "So of course it's the sister that initiates it and then punishes him for having a conversation with two of his seniors. =______ = The author is a pedo and sick."
May 25, 2016 –
78.0% "Of course the little sister is the perfect sexualized submissive domestic type. Just showing us how men's fantasies are all fucked up about women."
May 25, 2016 –
87.0% "Erika the one that looks boyish has to be saved by a man, our boy Tatsuya =_ ="
May 25, 2016 –
88.0% "This is only here so Tatuya can also get a glimpse of her body because her clothes were messed up. Sexualized and humiliated in defeat"
May 25, 2016 –
88.0% ""If she hadn't unbuttoned the top button and lossened up her neck tie it wouldn't have gotten so bad in the first place"\n Blame the victim you shit!"
May 25, 2016 –
89.0% "A girl can't get cool in this book without being subjected to being groped and declothed. Fuck this shit."
May 25, 2016 –
93.0% "AND the ultra competent kendo girl NEEDS SAVING BY OUR MAN."
May 25, 2016 –
94.0% "Sayaka was lead away from the scene by a man."
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