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Kingpin by W.S. Greer
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it was amazing


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse

KFF weren't planning on reviewing this book but once in awhile, a read of this calibre merits a word or two. Having never read any works by this author and being a genre we thoroughly enjoy, we were to say, a tad curious. Yes, we all one-clicked and going in blind couldn't have been a better way to get to know the author's storytelling technique which to our delight, consumed us from part one to right up until the epilogue. Speaking for myself, I have to add that after finishing it at ridiculous hour o'clock, my feelings about what had gone on left me totally unprepared. Never in a million years could I have imagined such a sweet ending with such a damn twist leaving me with my mouth wide open. At this point, I'm not even sure if I can forgive you, Señor Greer. Not only are you the culprit for my frustration, but also the reason for a running commentary of things that had happened and read out loud to my husband! Now both on tenterhooks, we came to the conclusion that you are a mean man in the best sense of the word… you write a mean story too, and exactly how I like a book to be panned out. First person in present tense with alternative points of view is my weakness and I adored your writing concept development. Even before I discovered who you were, I was patting you on your back; figuratively speaking, of course.

Love at first sight has never convinced me and thank goodness this is not the case. I am totally into friendships that flower over time, are loyal to one another and become steadfast companions notwithstanding whatever setback. This is the backbone of the two protagonists’ lives that span over a period of years and is the making for an strong understanding between them.

"Why can't I say no, when I know I should? Why can't I turn off these feelings?"

I fell hard for Dominic Collazo. The Boy Wonder. He’s different. He’s a loner. He can’t bear injustices. He has been brought up in an ambience that kids shouldn’t have to experience but he accepts it with open arms simply because he holds his father in such high esteem. He learnt the rules and regulations too quickly for my liking; however, his astuteness is above all, what will make him a leader to be respected. He’s not invincible, he makes mistakes and this for me, made him so much more loveable. Blindsided by his one and only love doesn’t fit into the equation of his ‘mob bosses’. And this folks, is why I was bowled over with his sincerity and his wish never to back down regardless of the consequences showed me his strength of character.

"Don't lie to me. I'm not dumb, okay? I told you all about this, so I know you're not gonna just sit back and let this slide..."

Alannah Sullivan is adorable. She's had a raw deal at such a young age but with no option but to comply. She doesn't want to be where she is but this sassy and independent gal who has trouble adapting takes the bull by the horns and gets on with life. Not forgetting what she left behind years ago, there is always a means to an end. Surprisingly or not, the hand of fate plays an ace in her quest to go back to her roots. Clapping loudly here because who would ever imagine that she’d ever consider listening to her inner thoughts. You’ll only find out what they are by reading this book.

"You have to trust me, Alannah. I have never lied to you, have I?"

Suspense abounds at a perfect pace. It is not overwhelming sexy which I have no argument with, nevertheless, it overwhelming realistic. Correcting the right when it is wrong, to overcome all the obstacles in their paths, to live and forgive is what literally sold me in a read which has no grammar faults in the editing. Names and places are abundant but not at all confusing. The banter flows with such an ease that it took my breath away; yeah, I can’t put into words how much I connected with the goodies and had my doubts about other secondary characters. My biggest hang-up was how Greer decided to finish this book and only because I wanted to the outcome to be like now! Bravo to you.
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