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Antiphon by Ken Scholes
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Apr 23, 2011

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I really, really wanted this book to shine. Unfortunately, it took me almost a year to read it, which says a lot about it. I enjoyed books 1 and 2, but not until about the last 60-100 pages did I really feel like this one engaged me.

Through most of the book, I felt like nothing was going on, or that I just had no idea what was going on because maybe I didn’t get the clues that must have been dropped along the way. Plus, too many PoV characters. I get one chapter with someone, then am on to the next. Maybe I just don’t like this style of book, anymore.

Also, what I would have thought would be the centerpiece--the action, the spectacles--I didn’t feel like I got a good image of it. Key action--especially at the end--seemed to take place off-screen. I didn’t get to SEE what I wanted to see. I just got a detail or two as other characters thought about other stuff. Really disappointing.

Not until the end did I feel like the book was working toward something. Throughout most of it I had no idea what the point of the book was. I think that, if I had known at the start that they were working for X and Y, and that the bad guys were specifically trying to stop X and Y, I would have enjoyed it more. But so much is shrouded in secrecy and mystery that I was just left wondering what was going on and why I didn’t have a clue about anything. I suppose it’s fine for the characters to feel like that, but not me, the reader. I don't know that keeping me in the dark is worth it, in the end.

I may or may not read the next book. Probably will. There’s so much to love in the series. I hope the plot doesn’t meander, and that the cool stuff isn’t glossed over.
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