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The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
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did not like it

So this is basically part 2 of The Notebook, the book and movie which made grown men cry.

OK. So, Wilson forgets to bring a big bouquet of flowers and an expensive bottle of perfume through the door on their 29th anniversary. He has forgotten. Jane pouts until bedtime when she tells him what he has done now. That is the beginning of all the trouble.

Then, Jane runs off to spend time in her son's out-of-state flat. Apparently thinking about leaving Wilson, The Husband Who Has Forgotten Their Anniversary. The son then tells his dad how devastated his mother was. Shame on you, Dad.

Wilson shuffles into high gear when he realizes he may lose Jane. Taking time off work (he has become a workaholic), he pulls together a grand and beautiful and expensive wedding for his daughter (in a week's time) while he also tries desperately to woo Jane back. For someone who has been "neglectful" for years, I am surprised at his creativity and alacrity in planning all these events.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Jane's father (Noah, of Notebook fame)is suffering health setbacks and she is panicky and irritible. He spends his days sitting by the lake feeding a swan and now he's in hospital insisting he's all right.

And Jane... Help me here... she feels she must be treated like a princess when she wants to be (her 30th birthday, she is only given a diamond tennis bracelet instead of driven in a limo and given every single thing she wants). She quietly mopes instead of taking the initiative and saying something like: "we're growing apart, what can we do?" and waits for Wilson to pick up on her silences. (Boohoo, I'm not getting any attention, etc.) Then she has the gall to hate the swan that her father is feeding at the retirement facility. I dunno Jane. Get a grip.

Anyway, in the end it all works out for everyone, especially Jane who feels like a queen once again instead of just a friend.

Perhaps it's because I've never seen this kind of marriage and would shrink at a man fawning over me like that. (It might make me wonder what he's done wrong.) But then, that's just me and I don't speak for the rest of the world.

I also think I'm done reading anything by this author.
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Prerna simply awesome twist in d far my favrt buk by Nicolas. wish I too hav a Wilson in my life.

Maria I really like nicholas sparks aß an author wich provides me with easy spring and summer reads, I also understand that not everybody likes the same books. Personaly I enjoyed this book. And I think you maybe missed the whole point of the story. It is not about Jane wanting to be treated like a princes and everything but about getting things right that went wrong during her and Wilsons marriage. I totally agree that sie should have been talking to Wilson when sie didn't like how things were going instead of isolating herself from him. Nevertheless Wilson was a loving and careing man a the start of their relationship. He didn't completely change throughout the book but brought back same Oldenburg charactertraits Jane loved about him and additionally changed a bit to make her happy again. So I think it is a beautiful story about two people that save their marriage because they love each other instead of throwing it away because it doesn't seem to work anymore. And the things I wrote about where written in the book as well so no need to critizise them, just maybe read a little more carefully

message 3: by Finn (new) - rated it 1 star

Finn Well, each to his own I guess. I generally like Nicholas Sparks, but this one was too much for me.

Barbara Avon Agree with Margaret. Not to mention that after all that hoopla, Jane's reaction in the end is akin to Wilson having told her, "I won a free coffee this morning." No emotion, nada, zip, zero...but that is often the case with Sparks. Also, is it just me, or after 30 years of marriage, you tend to have a pet name for your spouse? "Hi Jane," "Hi Wilson." I don't think I've ever called my husband by his given name! Unrealistic!!

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