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Pale Demon by Kim Harrison
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Apr 23, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** The story was exciting and full of suspense, which is what I like in a book. This usually warrants a 4 or 5 star from me but not this one. I think the real intent of this book was to get Racheal and Trent in a situation where they have to stay in close quarters with each other, ultimately starting their romance ball rolling.

I am a Racheal/Trent fan and have been since book 1. I think they have great chemisty together, specifically, they balance each other out (temperament wise). But I have also been waiting for Trent to start to show some redeeming qualities. In previous books, he has had some charming moments, albeit only a few. So I was looking forward to this book. I was sure that this story would bring out the best in Trent and have a budding romance in the end...or at least friendship and I was right. What I wasn't prepare for was a secretive/ manipulative Trent that gets Racheal hurt numerous times and keeps himself safe through 98% of the book. By the time I got to the ending I thought, how could a romance or friendship start from this? He has not proven himself worthy of her. Just because he saved her life, one time, at the end (which was the least he could do...because how many times has she saved his?), took a beating (about time), and has been covering lawsuits for her behind her back, does not justify Rachael softening her thoughts about who he is and his morals. Come can a reader feel good about a character when he ruins so many lives. I know we, as readers, aren't suppose to think about more than what is on the page, but I do. How many peripheral people died in this book? What about the misery of all their families? Racheal can't just set aside her morals and values because someone saved her life once and she enjoyed a kiss!

The second thing I don't understand is this 'Elf Quest' that Trent is on. Yes, I didn't like his ex and I am glad he didn't marry her. But hind sight being 20/20..if I was pregnant and a naked woman showed up in my room, then implied over breakfast that there had been a relationship between the two, I might be a little bitchy and posessive too. Getting back to the point...Baby snaching?? I don't understand how, as readers, we are to find a parent kidnapping a 3 month old child out of her crib acceptable? If Ms. Harrison is keeping with the notion of elves and changelings (that is usually done with human children and not with fellow elvan children)...(sigh) I will go with this idea and thought process for the sake of the story. *heavy sigh* But are we to respect a culture and society that kidnaps children and make them our hero/champion in a story? Are we to respect Trent more for doing this? I have to wonder what Elsbeth thinks of this time honored tradition as the recipient and mother? Is she just going to sit back and let him take and raise their daughter without her? That doesn't make sense. AND...her family just wrote Racheal a check for all the damages and assassins she had to fight off? Was that part of the challenge...if you win, then all expense will be reimbursed *insert sarcasm* Hum??

This book was exciting and full of adventure. Unfortunately, the ending felt unjustified and wrong for the story...absolutely no logical ending according to the actions in the story. I simply can not read about a character that I want to throttle throughout the book and then have warm fuzzy feelings about him because he has a baby in his arms and is using a cane due to injuries he righteously deserves (with interest). Racheal needs someone who shares her values about people and life. I don't think a beating and a baby make up for all the mayhem in the end. As much as I disliked Elsbeth's attitude (I am starting to sympathise with her) she's a scientist, not a drug dealer and murdering thug. I MIGHT read the next book from the library just out of couriosity, but I'm beginning to really dislike Trent...Rach, go find someone who thinks you make the world a better and brighter place. Here's hoping the next book(s) make more sense due to a character's actions THROUGHOUT a book than on a target ending.
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Connie *gasp* how can you say that about Trent? :P he's not doing it to save himself, and he didn't kidnap Lucy just to raise her. He's trying to save his entire race from extinction and Ellasbeth is a bitter cow. Can you honestly see her trying to make peace between elves and demons (which we pretty much know is gonna happen)? He wanted to make sure the future elven generations chose the right path, and in doing so he's saving WAAAY more lives than he's taken, directly or otherwise. Hmmm, sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant. Can you tell I like Trent? lol

Connie Serena, Harrison herself said that the whole babysnatching thing ISN'T tradition, it's an agreement Trent and Ellasbeth came to in order to see who would be better able to protect Lucy. And yes, Ellasbeth will be able to see Lucy (it's all in Kim's Q&A blog thing. I have no life therefore I practically stalk it lol).
And don't get me wrong I think Trent can be a completely insufferable, malicious a**e. But it's his SPECIES on the line. Cut the guy some slack. For him it's kill or be killed. Hypothetically speaking, if I was abducted by aliens and had to kill a few of them in order for humans to continue to exist I honestly don't think I'd have an issue with it. Okay, maybe I'm thinking too much about this.
Trent's also a moron. For all his business smarts he's not learnt much in the way of all things magical (yet) and naively thought he could control Ku'Sox. Obviously he couldn't and learned from his mistakes. Al wouldn't have been a good option because Al's too closely involved with Rachel. Who knows what he'd go blabbing his mouth about. Plus Al's broke and desperate, therefore also very dangerous. And who's to say he knew what Ku'Sox was there for?
However, the closer he gets to Rachel and 'the gang' I think he's becoming a better person (yay). And besides, he'd be so boring, cliche and just like so many other guy-candy characters out there if he was oh-I'm-so-perfect-in-every-way Prince Charming, y'know?

Krys You pretty much summed up my thoughts about Trent. He's not the one I want to see her ending up with, but he's the favourite... and I got my ass handed to me on this opinion. Glad to know I'm not alone.

message 4: by Salome (new)

Salome Wilde Ok I know I am way late on this thread, but after just finishing Pale Demon, I had to go see if anyone else had the WTFl reaction to this book I did. The premise was weak from the beginning (why would Rachael care about protecting Trent, especially after she realizes he summoned the demon?) And it makes no sense whatsoever that she forgives Trent for destroying half a city AND starts to fall for him. mostly it felt like the author wanted to force new relationships between the characters and didn't mind whether or not it made any sense within the story.

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