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Apr 23, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: supernatural, never-read-again
Recommended to Emma by: Friend who I bought it for
Recommended for: No one

** spoiler alert ** Ugh. Just ugh. This book was actually painful to read. I bought it as a gift for one of my friends, and she recently let me borrow it to read. I wish I hadn't. Not only are there obvious flaws in a simple plot but, as there always is when writing about angels with a YA audience in mind, the issue of religion and how it ties into the story.

First, let’s start with the characters shall we? Bethany, the most 'human' of the angels. I know, it didn't make sense to me when I read it either. She's the youngest of three angels sent to a small, sleepy town to ward off forces of darkness (which don't even appear in the story till the end of the book). Her naive nature results in her falling for a completely perfect human boy who goes by the name of Xavier. Now, at the beginning of the book, I felt like I could connect with 'Bethie' but by the end of the novel my thoughts had been completely turned on their head. I grew increasingly aggravated with her obvious disregard for the rules of angels and the world she comes from. She completely ignores her responsibilities, and when something bad happens she thinks that she can fix it by going and adopting a dog, then breaking her promise to the previous owner of the animal. I'm not going to rant any more about her though; otherwise I'd be here forever.

Next, Xavier. I'm kind of a sucker for sexy fictional male characters, and Xavier definitely makes it onto my list. But only just. And that is because of Adornetto's description of him. Almost every time out male hero was introduced he was accompanied by the words, 'perfect' and 'amazing' which ultimately lead me to become aggravated. I personally believe every character needs to have a flaw that isn't just 'caring about their other half to the point where they would sacrifice themselves for them'. I want something like a scar, personality disorder, secrets of dabbling in dark magic; anything really that would make the reader relate to the character easier. But not only with Xavier, but almost every character in this novel, they don't have a flaw. No huge pimple on their face, nothing. Xavier is as perfect as they come. He loves sports, helps out his mum, and would literally die for Beth. So yes, I do think he's a babe, but I would worship him if he had one tiny little secret or flaw. There’s also the issue of his dead ex-girlfriend, Emily. Emily died in a fire which was apparently an act of evil performed by Jake Thorn (such a scary name, right?) but we'll deal with him later. Xavier shows no emotion when talking about the girl who he had been with for years up until her untimely death. And it made me question; would Xavier have given Beth a second glance if Emily was still alive? Also, Xavier almost ruins his relationship because of one tiny mistake that was made by Beth (I won't say what, but it's extremely silly and not worth the drama). He doesn't forgive her until one of her angel friends explains to him what happened. This seemed a bit too farfetched for me and there was not real apologies exchanged between the couple. He pretty much says, 'You look horrible for what I did to you. Forgive me?' and then everything goes back to normal. I'm going to leave it at that, because I could go on forever about this perfect guy as well.

I'm going to summarise Ivy and Gabriel in the same paragraph, because there really isn't that many interesting things about them that are worthy of writing. These two characters are both angels; Bethany's brother and sister to be exact. Throughout the text, they both seem bored with their surroundings and don't even punish Bethany when she breaks the age old rule of revealing herself to a human. Both possess super human good looks which the reader is reminded of every time we hear about them. Nothing of them holds any interest and it seemed like they just fell flat.

Jake Thorn, the stereotypical bad guy with good looks and dark magic on his side. We're only introduced to our baddie near the end of the book, and even then you hear nothing about him except that he wants Beth and would do anything for her. We don't find out anything else remotely interesting about him. We learn he's a demon, but that’s about it. I think that instead of pouring over how hot everyone else was in the novel, Adornetto might have wanted to add a little bit more substance to her characters to make them seem more real.

Now that the characters are out of the way, we have the issue of 'a higher power', as there always is when writing about angels. I'm not a religious person, and when I read a book I don't want to be assaulted by someone else’s beliefs; I want to read a good story and not have to worry about that kind of thing. Almost all the characters in this novel were religious, from the angels (obviously) to Xavier and his family. It even got to a point in the story where Beth was praying for Xavier. To me, it seemed like Adornetto was trying to force the YA audience to abstain from sex till marriage and convert them into becoming religious. I understand that if Xavier and Beth did do the deed that there would be some serious consequences, so I get why they don't. But even a little temptation would have been nice. There’s not one drop of physical attraction in that sense throughout the entire novel, and I would have liked to see more. It might have made the story that much more interesting. So, some advice for Adornetto: don't cram your religion down other’s throats. It doesn't sit well with some people.

The story had potential but was let down by the use of 'telling and not showing' when it should have been the other way around. When I read a book, I like to make it my own individual image in my mind and when the author is trying to cram their own image into my mind, I get a little annoyed.

I really tried to like this book, but as hard as I may try, I just can't. Overall, it deserves 1.5 stars.

That being said, I will read the next book in the series. I believe that when I start something that I should finish it. Plus, I will admit that I am curious as to how Beth and Xavier plan to stay together.
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Harriet i was going to write a review of this book but you seemed to have sumarised my view for me... the best part of reading this book was mocking it with my brother and i completely agree about the whole religion thing as well... if that was not forcing your veiws on other people then i dont know what is. i realy dont find it suprising that this is by the same publishing company as twilight.. they seem to like needy heroins. good review ;)

message 2: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma I'm glad someone else agrees with me! For some reason, all of my friends loved this book. It really makes no sense to me how they could stand it.

Is it really from the same publishing company as Twilight? Well, that pretty much explains how this horrid book ended up on book shelves. You'd think that because Beth was the supernatural one in the relationship, she'd be the one saving the boy?

Thank you! :)

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