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Drink Deep by Chloe Neill
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Apr 22, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in August, 2011

The ending of HARD BITTEN was a bit of a fox in the hen house for most fans of the Chicagoland Vampires series. I had started the book impressed with the risks Neill takes with her characters, and the ending in no way changed that for me. Still, DRINK DEEP is the book that many will look to, for vindication or reparations. For myself, I can only say Neill continues to balance the emotional development of her characters and the events of their wold with a masterful hand, and I am as happy at the end of DRINK DEEP as I was at the end of HARD BITTEN.

In the last few books Merit has finally struck the right balance of insight and entertainment, and her experiences as a new vampire resonate for me in a way that no other fictional vampire has managed to date. Even as she mourns the loss of her partner and sometimes lover, Ethan, Merit's thoughts and actions struck home. Merit's grieving period is truncated by business as usual (the Greenwhich Presidium being horrible, political unrest, and saving the world from magical shenanigans) but Neill beautifully writes someone in mourning. Merit takes it one day at a time, she's recovering too fast for some and too slow for others, and there are still moments when missing Ethan rises up and overcomes her, but there are good memories as well. Times when she feels close to him, times when she feels compassion for the other people in Cadogan House who are missing their leader and friend.

Don't let my fascination with the grieving in DRINK DEEP fool you, this is by no means a sad or depressed book. The action flows quickly and there's as much friendship and romance as there is mayhem. DRINK DEEP offers Merit solace on one hand, more losses on the other. Hope for a better future, but also the promise of future conflict. I finish this book as impressed and as engaged as I was with HARD BITTEN, and even more anxious for the next book in the series.

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message 1: by Ann (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ann "I am as happy at the end of DRINK DEEP as I was at the end of HARD BITTEN."

Wondering...most of us were unhappy at the end of Hard Bitten. Your comment about being happy makes me think Deep Drink will be as much of a downer as Hard Bitten. It’s not encouraging. Also your comment about romance...hopefully Merit's love life hasn't moved on. That would just be too much on the heals of the loss of Ethan.

Personally my hope is for Ethan to find his way back to Merit and for Merit to be open to a relationship with him. After all he's done to protect her life, hopefully she would be worthy of Ethan next time around.

Maybe I'll just wait until the series concludes before reading any further in hopes that CN takes care of her readers in the end.

Julia Ann - I tried to be ambiguous, it was really hard to write this review without spoilers. I wasn't happy that Ethan died at the end of HARD BITTEN, but I was impressed by the chances Chloe Neill took with the series. It was so out of left field, it didn't feel like a gimic to me. I'm mostly invested/interested in Merit's development as a vampire, and there's lots of great moments for that in DRINK DEEP. As for her love life, I won't spoil the surprise for you.

Jodie Lol Julia, I wish you would spoil the surprise for me! Hahaha

Julia Jodie, you're just like my friend Katie. She badgered me so much I told her Merit died. No wait, she became a nun. Not really, she just got turned into a paperweight and lost in Mallory's basement... Katie cursed me up until the moment when she finished the book :-)

Jodie Hahahaha Julia, ya big meanie :)

Julia :-D

Anna (Bobs Her Hair) Your review gives me HOPE! Thx!

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