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Starflight by Melissa Landers
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May 03, 2016

liked it

I'll give it three because it was fairly good fluff. I got kind of bored halfway through- and I always procrastinate by cooking, so thank you Mrs. Landers for 15 muffins and 16 rolls- but I ended up finishing it in two days. I can't really point to what I disliked- just an overall feeling of mehness.
It is similar to Firefly, except far less entertaining and you keep wondering if it's just a hack.

Edit (someday I'll just write my reviews in one go): I've given it another few minutes of thought, and I think it's the overall blandness of the world-building and storyline that made me feel this one was a miss. The author never does anything unexpected or interesting- she stays within safe, pre-defined lines (mostly defined by Firefly), and it was honestly kind of boring. It doesn't ever really seem to matter that they're in a futuristic space society, and that's a waste.
The romance was also... not insta, but not quite believable either. They seem to just forget their pasts instantly. And really, the churchyard scene was so unnecessary. I have so many questions. Was that guy trying to poison them? Did they accidentally use some secret code? And it being in a church just seems in bad taste. Overall there's a weird amount of churchyard sex in this book.
And the ending wasn't great. A new plotline opens up and doesn't quite close in order to leave room for a sequel, and that always means I remove a star or two. Remember when books ended?

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Josiphine/Tessa I certainly agree about the fluffness and the churchyard scene. I'd really like to ask the author what she was thinking of there.

On the other hand, 15 muffins and 16 rolls sound amazing :)

Channah It was so weird. Especially since she implied other characters had done the same thing.

The muffins were a little disappointing (they were double chocolate but I didn't find them very chocolate-y), but the rolls were good. Shame there are only five people in my family... time to freeze stuff. :)

Josiphine/Tessa Very weird.

Well, I'm having a hard time imagining that double-chocolate anything is disappointing....What?! I made four loafs of bread today and there's only one and a half left! :D

Channah Luckily everyone else seems to feel the same way you do, judging by the fact that they are actually disappearing. :)
Gremlins! :)

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