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Lothaire by Kresley Cole
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Apr 22, 2011

really liked it
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Read from January 08 to 10, 2012 — I own a copy

Lothaire the Enemy of Old is on a mission to fulfill his Endgame. His Endgame is the completion of 7 little tasks. Some of which he doesn't always remember. What does always remember, his Endgame entails freeing and finally owning Soroya, the one female who he believes to be his Bride. An age old Goddess, Soroya is trapped within and possessing the body of the mortal woman Elizabeth Pierce. To reach his Endgame Lothaire must exterminate Ellie, Soroya's human host in order to fully have his Bride. Once Lothaire has cast out Ellie's soul and Soroya has taken full possession of Ellie's body, he will then turn Soroya's human body into an immoral vampire. Having her forever.

When I finished Lothaire I asked myself 2 questions... Was it what I wanted? Not completely. But was it what I needed? Yes.

I had waited soooo long for this book. I know my wait was no longer than anyone else who loves this series. But that sure as hell seemed like forever didn't it? Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark is my ultimate favorite paranormal series. Kresley Cole has done an amazing job staying true to this series, as well as all the many characters we read about within it. Not once have I felt she's veered off track (as Ward did in the BDB series), or become repetitive (as Kenyon did in the Dark Hunter series). She amazes me, she truly does. All the beings of the Lore she beautifully creates and then molds right before our eyes. Those creatures we love to love, and those we love to hate. KC writes character driven books. And that's what Lothaire boils down to. The two main characters.

Lothaire in the past was one of the characters we have loved to hate. Truly evil to the core. Lothaire The Enemy of Old has always had his own agenda and he never really gave a damn, or even hinted he gave a damn for anyone but himself. My biggest fear when I began reading his book was that within it, Lothaire would either turn into a wimpy, sniveling, love sick baby. So desperate for his Bride he would completely turn out of character and we wouldn't recognize him anymore. Or, there was no way KC was going to change how much we love to hate Lothaire. And make him into a "hero" in a believable and acceptable manner. These two fears was where my "need" was met. My worries were for nothing because KC pulled it off. And I shouldn't have doubted that she wouldn't be able to.

By the end my need for KC to turn Lothaire from the villain of this entire series into an actual (kind of) hero, was met. And my other fear of Lothaire betraying his true character by becoming a sniveling wimp, did not come to fruition either. He was not perfect by any means. However he was believable enough, from what we have been told in the past about vampires and their Brides to convince me that Lothaire will never be a true "good guy". But he will never again be the "villain" either, because his innately good and decent Bride, will keep him in check.

Lothaire's Bride... That's where my "wants" for this book fell a bit short. To start, Ellie was truly a sweet character. In my opinion she was very similar to Emmaline from A Hunger Like No Other. She was young, some what naive and she was from the back woods, Appellation Mountains. So her "hill billy" language and customs convinced Lothaire (at first) that she was a moron. But even with all those things that were perceived to be her short comings, Ellie was NOT a moron, and she was not a weak willed woman. She was mentally strong and at first didn't appear as though she would take crap from anyone. Unfortunately this perception of Ellie didn't hold steady throughout the entire book. There were scenes that I thought were utterly ridiculous and I had to actually roll my eyes a few times. The way Ellie approaches and speaks so openly to her family after she is separated from Lothaire, did not fit within the flow, or the characteristic traits of Ellie. It was almost to me that someone else wrote those few parts. Or it was thrown in as an afterthought to try and (unsuccessfully) tie two parts together. Either way it didn't work for me. And this part along with a few others that were similar, I didn't feel fit right and brought this down from a 5 to a 4 star read to me.

No matter what... I still love this series. And. I. Can. Not. Wait. For. Nix's. Book!!!
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 ~V~ Wooohoooo!!!...Enjoy!! Can't wait to read this one!! :)

♡Karlyn P♡ I NV u!!!! I went to two B&Ns today hoping beyond hope to get lucky, but it didn't work out for me.

Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana OMGGGGGGGGGG SO LUCKY! i have to wait till thursday!

message 4: by Taryn (new) - added it

Taryn Oh man! So you're telling me Nix gets a book! Do you have any idea who her mate is?

Katie Oh Nix HAS to get a book. I will have a hissy to end all hissys if she doesn't. I really don't know who her mate is going to be. She had a pretty good roll in this book. I don't think she's as crazy as everyone accuses her of being.

Teiana Katie, Nix is coming soon- I can feel it. Maybe she's Kristoff's bride. The ending of this book left me thinking "maybe" there could be a connection.

Katie I heard that Nix was coming, eventually... But I also heard that Fury is coming next (apparently they're going to find her soon) and she's hooking up with Kristoff. Time to settle in for another long wait.

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