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Sticks & Stones by Abigail Roux
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Apr 21, 2011

really liked it
Read from April 21 to 23, 2011

This book begins a while after where the first book ended. Ty and Zane have recovered physically from the events but not mentally. Both of them have been put on desk jobs, but neither of them are doing well...Zane is clamming up and Ty is pulling away, both of them have mental scars that they refuse to deal with on their own. After both failing their mental evaluations they are sent on vacation and Ty decides to invite Zane to meet his family. On what is supposed to be a leisurely trek on the mountain Ty and his family basically grew up on, they encounter unexpected danger and Ty and Zane have to lean on each other yet again to make it through alive.

A good sequel; a completely different story than in the first book, but very true to the characters. Zane is introduced to his "in-laws", even though the relationship between Ty and him isn't anywhere close to that stage yet and they hide the more than friendly part of their relationship from everyone but Ty's brother. Zane finds himself in a position where he has to prove his own worth to Ty's father, but he also finds himself fighting for Ty and defying the man when he does something, in Zane's book, unforgivable. Ty's brother adds another element to the story. He's a psychologist and both Ty and Zane trusts him to be able to help their partner become healthier. What he actually does for them is another thing entirely...

The POVs are much easier to follow in this sequel, they don't switch as often and the markers are clearer, this is very appreciated! As with the last book, the action story is left somewhat unsatisfyingly resolved, there are loose threads all over the place because the authors' main focus is on the relationship part of the story. I'm very willing to be forgiving though, because I love the characters and the very realistic nature of their relationship. We learn a lot about the characters as we meet Ty's family, and we also get a bit of backstory on both him and Zane. The feelings between Zane and Ty keeps evolving, slowly but surely and this book makes you desperately want to read the next book in hope of something very specific happening.


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