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marauders of the fold by Amanda Earl
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Apr 21, 2011

bookshelves: art, anti-art, poetry
Read in April, 2011

As I noted in my review of Amanda Earl's "Eleanor", she & I are GoodReads friends & we traded bks. She sent me 6 chapbks & a broadsheet. This is the 2nd of her chapbks that I read. This is quite different from "Eleanor" & that endears me to it (since I thought "Eleanor" was fairl conventional). The quandary is: is it even by Earl? I assumed it is since she sent it to me. HOWEVER, her name's nowhere on the bk - the identification is to: "deadstreet Gallery" & to the publishers: "AngelHousePress".

The whole context/concept of the bk questions 'reality' & this is furthered by such things as the bk having an ISBN - even though it's only published in an edition of 26 - one for each letter of the English alphabet (I have "O of Z" - "OZ", perhaps?). Even more mysteriously, there's a blog URL that led to a p that informed me that no such blog exists & that the blog name, "Angel House Press", can be claimed for use. Odd, considering that I DID find a website for Angel House Press, & that this ite does feature bks by Earl.

the "curator's statement" is worth quoting in full:

"dsG collects artifacts that dont exist in a gallery that isnt built,
holding shows that never took place

"the catalogue you hold in your hands (or perhas between your toes)
is an accumulion. the non artists directly not responsible have folded
centuries into soda pop. detractors have not said the collection does nothing
more than emit small bodies of gas, that it neither pauses, nor refreshes.
other more light-end soles have recognized the absenced of carbonation

"at the unshow no one drank the warm unpalatble plank that wasnt offered.
the uninvited non guests didnt look once at the objects not showing
on the walls. you may turn the pages here-reign (of terror) and see blank

"our goal is not to have regular showings of non similar pieces of non art.
listen to our unuttered announ-cements between top forty hits on a radio
that isnt on. you may discover the advertisement poster we didnt create
on a rusty-staple-covered non standing hydroelectric powerlessness pole"

Whew! I like it! & if it's really only in an edition of 26 (if that's not an illusion of "OZ") then I'm honored to have one of so few. The rest of the bk is primitive 'child-like' color drawings - somewhat evocative, for me, of those of, say, Kenneth Patchen in his "The Argument of Innocence" (but not as lovingly or carefully done) - w/ text beneath them. EG: an image of a central circle w/ a wavery object occluding it & arrows radiating out from it - w/ "sun god nervouse energy radition gas mask" as a 'caption'. These seem like quickly done playful drawings w/ captions added to 'explain' them afterwards.
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