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The Dark Chronicles Volume 1 by Cynthia Soroka
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Apr 20, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: drek, fantasy, horror
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So, once upon a time, I went to a Sci/Fi convention in New Jersey and was browsing the merchants tables. I came upon an author, peddling her books. I decided to buy one and it sat on my shelf for a long time. Ten years later, I decided to read it only to find that this book is almost unreadable. It may eventually get tossed on the short pile of books I couldn't finish but morbid curiosity keeps me going.
This is, without a doubt, the worst book I have ever read. I continue to trudge through it because I can't help but wonder exactly how much worse it will get. We'll see how long I can continue to punish myself. Oh - and by the way - she has 6 other books in the same series. I will *not* be reading those.
The self-published author clearly felt that she did not need an editor or proof reader. Fabulous sentence structure fills the book such as:
"The party left the grounds, beginning their journey back to Guam while far in the distance a ruby and two crystals glittered in the far distance."
You can find similar literary offenses on just about every page.
I won't even get into the flat characterization, sloppy story (what little story there was) that includes high-school level banter about who a character "went out with" and who is cheating on who to get revenge on who else for seemingly ridiculous past offenses. Murder and rape without remorse - at times perpetrated by the protagonists. Matricide by the main protagonist at the request of his 'girlfriend' who had no real compelling reason beyond "Kill your mother!". I guess he did it for love.
Oh - and there's a cliff hanger. hahahahahaha!
Can a book be worse? Perhaps. But I won't read anything else by this author in order to find out. I feel I've dug about as far as I ever will in the name of morbid curiosity.
I rated it 1 since that's as low as the site will allow. But it's true rating is a big fat zero.

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