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Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead
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Apr 19, 2011

really liked it
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My head is spinning right now. We're only 3 books into the series and I'm getting whiplash. I love Kiyo, I hate Kiyo, I love Kiyo again, I hate Kiyo again. I love Dorian, I don't trust Dorian. Rinse, repeat.

Holy crap, the last few chapters took me off guard. I did not see what was coming with Kiyo at all. I guess I should have at least sort of thought that maybe things could have gone down the way they did, but no...not really because of his previous reaction to another similar situation.

It seems like people either loved book 3 as their favorite in the series so far, or were pissed at some of the things that transpired. Eugenie's indecision also appears to be an annoyance for some, but I can kind of understand why she flip flops so much, given that it's hard to really know who to trust. Sure, she could stay single, but then people would cry if they didn't get their hookup scenes at least somewhere in the book.

I'm okay with how it's shaking down so far. This book had quite the interesting power plays going on, and it was nice to see Jasmine soften a bit and not bent on being the "kid sister wanting to take over the world" for once.

It's going to be a very long wait now to find out what happens in the battle for control of the Otherworld's magical lands. Darn you Richelle Mead - I'm going to be impatiently waiting for more. You do this to me with every single series!
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Samina ~ Escapism~ I hope you like it.I personally loved it.

Stacia (the 2010 club) I'm liking it so far, but laughed at how Mead repeated every detail that we already knew, like why she couldn't get pregnant, why her roomate dressed as a Native American, etc. It wasn't even for the sake of recapping things you'd forget. Other than that though, I'm already digging it.

brittany Hold up her friend dresses like a native american?

Stacia (the 2010 club) Yeah, he does it for his job I guess and to hook the ladies. He can racially pass for NA, it's not a white guy doing it.

brittany Ohhh I wanna read it now.

Dija I totally agree with the Kiyo bit. He's so dang frustrating with his "righteous crap". This is probably one of the few series where I actually think being single is probably better for the heroine than all the crap she has to put up with from the heroes.

Stacia (the 2010 club) Have you read Georgina Kincaid by any chance? I have a serious loathing for Maiwenn like I did with Maddie in GK. The only difference is that I knew Maddie was a good person. I don't trust Maiwenn at all. I think it'd be awesome if she turns bad and Kiyo's the one who ends up having to do her in.

Joan{missing the vampire bunny slippers!} I really have an urge to strangle Kiyo and i can't control it! I didn't expect him to be happy about the hole p thing but to go that far... No way I could see that coming! Dorian screwed up too but he would never try to hurt Eugenie, not really anyway! It 's just too frustrating!
At least Jasmine turned out to be kind of sweet!:) Especially the way she stood up for Eug in the end! Anyway, Eug should really stay single for a while.

Stacia (the 2010 club) I did NOT expect the Kiyo thing to happen at all in books 2 or 3! It was like I got blindsided twice! Dorian confuses me too though.

message 10: by Dija (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dija Yeah, I've read GK. And that's so true, I despise both Maiwenn and Maddie, but like you said, Maddie's more tolerable because most of the things involving her weren't her fault at all. She's just a mistaken idiot. And I wish Kiyo kills Maiwenn too, but even then I don't think I'd come to adore the idea of Kiyo getting back together with Eugenie. He's just messed up way more times than what I think I have the capacity in me to forgive.

Wendy Darling I really hope Eugenie stops flip-flopping...I liked both men in the first book, but this last Kiyo betrayal was just way too much to forgive. Dorian's a much better match for her anyway, in my opinion! Sort of Adrian Ivashkov-ish without the alcoholic stupor.

It'd be awesome if Kiyo has to kill Maiwenn at some point, hah. Would serve him right. I really disliked Kiyo trotting back and forth and reporting on Eug's activities to Maiwenn, too. He seems too subservient to me (not to mention sort of selfish in the sack), and obviously a queen needs a strong king by her side...

message 12: by Jasja (new) - added it

Jasja I am really wanting to read this series now... but because I am too impatient for my own good, and absolutely cannot stand having to wait for something I may really be looking forward to, I'm not going to start until the series has been completed... O:)

Joan{missing the vampire bunny slippers!} I don't know I like Dorian, I really do and I want him to be the good guy, but that doesn't mean he is! The last book just got me more confused about the whole thing.

Samina ~ Escapism~ I don't care is Dorian is a good guy or not, I love him anyway. ( could be why I like him so). He is so confusing and unpredictable. You know what Kiyo will do but Dorian, you have no idea what he is thinking.
I want to strangle Eugenie if I could. Cheating on my poor Dorian.

message 15: by Joan{missing the vampire bunny slippers!} (last edited Apr 27, 2011 09:53AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joan{missing the vampire bunny slippers!} I wouldn't exactly call him poor... but I get your point!:D I liked him better than Kiyo from the first book and in the second I just liked him even more. I kind of felt sorry for him at the end, he wanted kids so bad and Eug got pregnant from Kiyo... That really sucked for him:( Anyway he is pretty hot! Especially when he is being sarcastic or overdramatic!:)

Stacia (the 2010 club) I'm liking Dorian a lot better now than I did in the first book. The whole sanctuary scene at the end of 3 really made me adore him. I can't seem to completely quit Kiyo though, no matter how much he's ticking me off. He's on his last straw though.

Jasja, I'd recommend reading Georgina Kincaid by the same author if you're looking for a complete series. The 6th book comes out in August. I actually like GK a little bit better than this series, even though this one has more plot, probably.

Samina ~ Escapism~ Yeah I like GK better too. However I read this series only for Dorian.

Berenice I'm in the middle of this one! Ugh whiplash!! Give it a rest already! I'm tired! Lol. Not really I love Dorian!

Stacia (the 2010 club) The triangle does become a headache and I got tired of all of the personality changes. I could be wrong, but I have the feeling she ended this series on book 4 because the fans were becoming too frustrated with the direction the series was taking. Everything kept going in circles. I don't regret reading the books because if nothing else, Mead never fails to entertain. I always enjoy reading her stories.

Her other two series didn't backtrack on character development quite as badly though. She did drop the ball somewhat with these books.

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