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The Passage by Justin Cronin
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Apr 19, 2011

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Oh, The Passage. You promised me such wonderful things with your sparkly cover, your titillating title (a passage to WHERE??), and your massive hype. Also your sizable heft, as you are a large, obese book, full of words and things. I figured if I didn't like you, I could use you to stone evil-doers in some town square somewhere. How could I turn you down?

Your promises, though, were only partially fulfilled. While I enjoyed stoning people in the village square with you, your cover was simply too pretty to be true, and your title too vague to really *mean* anything. I still don't know what the passage was, but it was full of vampire-things and massive doses of character backstory that also didn't really *mean* anything... except make you a very, very heavy book. Brick-like, really. I believe next I'll tie a ransom note to you and throw you through a window, just for the giggles.

You had such lovely backstory, such vivid characters in your opening quarter, I couldn't put you down. Well, I could, because you are a fatass and my arms grew lethargic and weak after about an hour, but figuratively speaking. I was hooked, and I loved you for it. Vivid characters, shocking scenery, emotion. You had it all, baby.

But then things changed. Oh, did they change. You forgot your old ways and introduced me to a whole slew of new characters. Characters that I didn't care about, in a situation that seemed so distant and unreal compared to your sharply defined predecessors that I thought perhaps I was reading a different book. Gone were the late nights of voracious reading. Gone were my massive biceps developed from holding you at a readable height. I slogged through you, sometimes telling friends that you were "getting better," even daring to say "really good again" in whispered tones... but you would then disappoint, like a dog who is allergic to grass, and I would yell angrily at perfect strangers that you were a meandering, lame book with stupid characters and unbelievable situations. I finished you, though, because I had devoted a better part of the year reading you, and I had to see it through. Like climbing Everest, I just wanted to *breath* again, but I knew I had to finish you anyway.

And see you through I did, to an ending that only set you up for a sequel, likely full of more meaningless backstory and characters painstakingly developed over 100's of pages only to be forgotten or rendered unimportant. I did not spend 3 weeks reading you to get a cliffhanger, damnit. !@#$ you, The Passage. !@#$ you.

Goodbye, The Passage. You were a good workout, and my man-arms thank you. But you were bit of a slog and kind of boring. Sorry.

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Kristin Why give it three stars if it was a "bit of a slog and kind of boring"? Just confused. Be meaner!

message 2: by Perrin (new)

Perrin Pring Awesome

message 3: by Mi_kan (new) - added it

Mi_kan that's truly frank!

Nikki Bartel I am feeling your review right about now. Just entered the colony and the watch. Who are these people? Feel like leaping from the watchtower at the moment. Please let me get to the top so I can feel the wind in my hair again.

Caroline Clifford too many characters...too many details....thought i was bad enough when it took nearly two weeks to on review

Lindsey OMG, this was my experience with this book down to a tee. Wow, what a disappointment.

Garet Wirth Yeaaaaaah... the fact that he's taking so long to come out with the sequel means it's going to be just as long, if not longer. Joy. It will go unread by this guy, right here, unless I see some glowing reviews by everybody ever.

message 8: by Sharon (new) - added it

Sharon I am currently working my way through this book and i am so glad its not just me who finds it a chore rather than a n enjoyable read. I will persevere though.

Bethan The perfect description. You loose the key character for 300 odd pages only for her to then become a strange object. Disappointing second half.

Victoria Absolutely agreed.

Jacquie I quit reading about a third of the way through, so good on you! However, sounds like I made the right decision, lol

message 12: by Sharon (new) - added it

Sharon I gave up about 400 pages in,

message 13: by Cathi (new)

Cathi I could have written your review word for word.- except.... I didn't finish (I can't waste another day on the watch tower)- I'll read the cliff-notes.

message 14: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Oh Dear, and i'm not even half way through yet, i was hoping it got BETTER!

Debbie Rutledge I'm with you. And those run-on sentences drove me crazy.

message 16: by Dean (new) - rated it 1 star

Dean Hey Garet, I just wrote a review (before bothering to read anyone elses) and I now, hours later, I decided to see if anyone else had the same thought and found you. I too really wanted to like it but you said exactly what I felt. I would be less mad if I didn't love the 1st half so much.

Shelli Bahaha!! Brilliant. And what's more, I completely agree.

message 18: by Ellen (new) - rated it 1 star

Ellen  E when i started this book i really wanted to like it, i had been wanting to buy it for months and finally did but now im about 3/4 way into the book and im just not sure if i should continue or not. its been sitting on my bed side table for at least a month now while i have read other books that interest me more and im really reluctant to pick it up again and finish the novel.part of me wants to just finish it and get it over with to make sure that it doesn't get super exciting again but part of me is really annoyed because i thought it would be super amazing and its let me down and so i should just get rid of it because im not enjoying it at all. so a question to everyone here...should i finish it? does it get any better? or will i be left feeling more disappointed and quite pissed off that i wasted so much time reading a book that i didn't like?

yeaa i know that this decision is a little personal for a direct answer but i could really do with some idea of what to do because im stumped.

message 19: by Eileen (new)

Eileen GREAT review! I feel EXACTLY the same but I am a bit p*ssed at the editor that let this overly long disjointed mess fly because I believe there is a wonderful book in there, somewhere...

Jacqui Rodgers Haha. I absolutely loved this book but your review was hilarious.

Helen Omg! This is exactly how I am feeling right now!

message 22: by Casey (new) - rated it 1 star

Casey I'm feeling this exact same way right now. I have about 100 pages left and am struggling to finish it.

Shane I sort of know what u all mean after all the hype n heaps of people Saying they loved this book I managed about half the book before I couldn't take it anymore n then I was happy I didn't bother because it was just setting up for a sequel.

Justin L So well put! Struggling to finish. LOVED the beginning, though.

Trygve Natvik Spot on review. I guess I dont mind the endless details and vast amount of characters so much tho as I feel most have a more or less valid role to play

Annaklara Totally agree . The beginning was awesome. Then, did the editor take à vacation?

message 27: by Hazel (new)

Hazel Ha ha ha. Funny review. I was perusing reviews to see if I should put this book on my to read list. I think I'll pass despite its high rating from others.

message 28: by Hilary (new)

Hilary Same as Hazel - I think I'm going to pass. However, I did really enjoy your review.... now that was entertaining!

Becca Agreed. Not sure I can be arsed to keep reading, especially now I've read your review!
Stone 'em!


message 31: by Tom (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tom Agreed. You wrote down my feeling well enough, I don't need to do it for myself.

David Magera I'm with you on this one Garet...I gave up on page 530. I just didn't care for any of the characters anymore. After such a promising start this book is a perfect example of Editor failure.

Janne Just finished the book and I completely agree. Great review!

message 34: by Luz (new) - rated it 1 star

Luz Aponte-yanes Wish i would've thought to express myself like that! Unfortunately the sequel is even worse. A co-worker read it because of the cliff hanger -their comment: "DON'T DO IT!!" so u didn't. According to my sources the sequel would be 2 stars if that.

message 35: by Mindi (new) - added it

Mindi Perfectly said. I stopped at page 316. Could t read anymore.

message 36: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura perfect review. have had so so so many people telling me to read it, but when I start skipping paragraphs in a book, it is usually telling me to give up. It just seems...kind of boring

message 37: by Katie (new) - rated it 1 star

Katie I wish I would have read your review prior to starting this behemoth book. I could have used that time I spent reading it on something better.

Cat2012 I agree wholeheartedly with your review. The book could easily have been 60% shorter. Boy, does the author waffle on and on and on and on...Agreed the first part was really thrilling and un-put-down-able but then the jump in scenery and the mundane slog up the mountain. I'm 80% through and really finding it hard to push on to the finish line.

message 39: by Alona (new)

Alona I had quite a good giggle from this review ... thank you :)

message 40: by C.R. (new) - added it

C.R. Thibodeaux Yes. What you said.

Richard It's an awesome read and twelve is twice as good. Can't wait for third. If you don't like it u must be a third rate accountant.

Summer Your review made me laugh! Think will pass on book , didn't seem like it was worth it

message 43: by Gillian (new)

Gillian great review - my thoughts exactly but put much better than I would have !
I too persevered all the way through to the end of this book (and at times it was a struggle) only to be hugely disappointed in the ending !!
I sure as hell won't be reading the sequel . . . .

Garet Wirth Richard wrote: "It's an awesome read and twelve is twice as good. Can't wait for third. If you don't like it u must be a third rate accountant."

A third rate accountant with impeccable taste!

Branimira Truth to that! Such a nice beginning. Such an adorable characters, strong links and emotions between them. And then? B - b - bullshit. I was so disappointed.

Clifford Oh I'm going to recommend this book to everyone just for its size. hahaha

Richard I thought it was awesome. And the sequel even better " twelve" , and there's a third. But if you want a truely terrifying vampire post apocalypse book read the strain trilogy, so good they are making the mini series. Then go read the night angel trilogy, brilliant.

Sometimes it's good to loose yourself in this book, the passage, like life, not all the characters have to have a beginning and end, they , like life, come in and go, like people in our life.
I loved this book. But the strain, terrifying. Truely.

message 48: by CAC (new) - rated it 3 stars

CAC bravo G.

message 49: by Maryn (new) - rated it 1 star

Maryn Your review was spot-on!

message 50: by Ryan (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ryan Hahahahaha your review had me in stitches. It sums "The Passage" up perfectly. This books destined for a long, distinguished career as a doorstop throughout the world!

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