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Seattle Wolf Pack Box Set by Kristin Miller
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Overall, this was a good series. I like how it was kept to just three stories and that each could be read as a stand alone. My favorite out of the three is the last So I Married a Werewolf. It was the first one I had ever read if the series back when it was originally released. The first two were good, but all of them had some parts I liked better than others. They are all really entertaining and quick reads.

Gone with the Wolf:
First book of the series does a good job introducing the dynamics of the book series "universe" wolf pack. It was a great starter to the series. The characters were amusing they had fun experiences with each other getting to know one another and such with just a taste of suspense, which I always appreciate, but Emilia did get annoying she because stubborn and not the good kind of stubborn.
Emilia was lead to believe she was the owner of the building where she opened her bar, sadly enough she was conned. Emilia however believes Wilder Financial stole it from her. as the business slows down Emilia gets a second job working for Wilder Financial hoping she can do anything to get her bar back even if it means blackmailing the CEO. At the Christmas party she was hoping for her chance, instead she meets a sexy guy who can kiss the pants off of her. The next day she finds out she's been transferred to act as the CEO temp secretary and that when she finds out Mr. KissyFace at the Christmas party is the CEO. Drake Wilder gave up all hope to finding a mate he was ready just to hand the reigns over to his twin brother and just deal with it. He never expected to find her getting drunk on his expensive wine in his cellar and he really didn't expect her to be human.
Drake was always lead to believe that a human wasn't strong enough to survive the pregnancy with an Alpha shifter, but he isn't going to give up so easily he is open an honest with Emilia that if she wants it they can have the relationship but there will be no children. Emilia wants to hate Drake, but after he gave her undisputed proof that she was conned she is a little more open to a relationship. Only that's not the only problem. Drake's twin brother isn't going to hand over the pack so easily.

Four Weddings and a Werewolf:
This one was absolutely adorable, predictable but so freakin' cute. I may have to retract my former statement and say this is my favorite. Veronica, once again we have someone who is too stubborn for her own good. Her hatred for shifters seems petty and silly but once she reveals the deeper and the true reason she comes off the way she does it makes sense. Logan Black sexy werewolf former marine bodyguard, yep that says it all.
Veronica Vale (at least it wasn't Vicki) is a wedding planner. Wedding number one: she meets Logan Black. Unbeknownst to Veronica her brother in law, Jake also best friend of Logan's, hires Logan to keep an eye on Veronica it seems like she has a secret admirer, but it has crossed over into the creepy. Veronica doesn't know it but her admire left her a disturbing present with a note that he looked forward to turning her in to a werewolf. Veronica's hatred to werewolves is the main reason Jake and Logan kept quiet about the whole bodyguard thing. Logan has to come clean about it when her stalker strikes again and Veronica only agrees because she thinks Logan is human.
Logan realized right off the bad that Veronica is his mate but he is determined not to give in; one he never wants to get married or mated because his line of work and two how Veronica feels about werewolves. Wedding number two: Veronica realizes just how dangerous her stalker really is and finally finds out the truth about Logan. Well to say the shit hit the fan is pretty accurate but by then Veronica and Logan attraction is pretty strong too they just have to stop being so stubborn and realize it.

So I Married a Werewolf:
Book three is the odd ball of the trio, it is the only one that is strictly romance. It is a cute romance of two best friends who make deal that benefits them both and end up falling in love. This a quick and easy read with laughs and a little bit of heartache. I think the dog Humperdink steals the spotlight of the book. I loved Faith, she is delightful and I think out of the three I can relate most to her. Faith is a dog trainer and walker and runs a blog all about dogs and training and related. She is also putting her brother through college. Carter has always dreamed of being a detective in the Enforcement Bureau of the Seattle Pack. He is finally getting the chance for his promotion but the higher ups want someone who is mated. Carter lies and tells them he was getting married. Faith is in need of extra income because her brother just got accepted into Yale. Carter offers to pay her brothers way if she will act as his fiancee. One thing leads to another and they have to get married, to prove that they are a real deal. Carter wasn't the only one trying to get a spot as detective and so Carter and Nate are competing for the spot. Faith tries the hardest to prove that they are a real couple she even goes to a cooking class to learn so she can impress the bosses' wives.
Carter has issues with accepting that Faith could be his fated mate, he's already had a one mate and it wasn't all rainbows and lollipops. He's hesitant to start anything serious with Faith not matter how strong the pull to her is. Faith is insecure and he's rejection she takes personal, throw in a crazy backstabbing ex and it just makes everything so much more complicated then either of them ever thought it would be.

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