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Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly
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Apr 18, 2011

it was amazing

Reviewed by Mishel at RexRobotReviews.com (Will be posted there on 5/11/2011)

Willow has been different her entire life and it’s not because she dresses differently or has a passion for cars. With just a touch she can see a person’s future, their feelings, and their past… She may not know where her abilities come from but she’s come to accept them. But there is someone who knows where Willow’s powers come from. Alex is an assassin. Barely an adult himself, he’s on the hunt for Willow because he knows the damage her powers can cause. Willow isn’t just psychic; she’s half angel. Angels may be impossibly beautiful but they are deadly. They’ve taken everything away from Alex and he won’t stop fighting until his last breath. But neither Willow nor Alex is prepared for the powerful attraction they feel towards each other. The two go on a very dangerous and action-packed road trip where they discover that things are never as they seem and human existence is in more trouble than either had previously thought.

Angel Burn was an exceptional read for me because it portrayed angels in a way I’ve never come across before. Without going into a lot of detail the angels can be in both human and angel form. In their angel form they are incredibly beautiful and at their most vulnerable. But these angels aren’t here to protect. Their world is in danger and they’ve come to feed off of humans for survival. They aren’t like vampires when they feed; instead they feed off the spirit of humans. People then became blinded by their love for angels and their weakened spirit opens them up to disease and sickness. The blind love people feel for angels after they’ve been fed one is what angel burn is. The angel mythology is really creative and unique.

Alex is an AK, or angel killer. Angels have destroyed his family and he will never stop fighting them. When he’s sent on a mission after Willow he’s just following orders. But he’s attracted to her from the very start despite the fact that she’s half angel. Alex is a “wounded hero” kind of character. He puts off a tough-guy, stay-away-from-me, vibe but it becomes pointless once he gets to know Willow. Willow’s very sweet and kind-hearted. She’s emotionally strong-willed and even a little quirky, which you can tell by her personality and the way she dresses. I love how perfect they go together and I really enjoyed seeing them develop feelings for each other on the road trip. It was a great build-up. However, once Alex and Willow came together I got bored. Truth is I’m a big romance fan, but I grew a little tired of their lovey-dovey scenes. I think it just became bit redundant and cheesy.

But despite that kink in the chain, the author was able to build up the action again and bring better romantic scenes into the story at the same time. I think my quibble was just the overworking of Willow and Alex’s relationship when the two finally gave in to their feelings. Angel Burn is filled with a lot of very well-written action. It was violent at times but entirely realistic. I liked that it wasn’t “sugar-coated” but not over-the-top either. It was addicting to the point that I had to find out what happened. And I can’t wait to read the next installment. I know the trilogy was released previously in the UK and I’m happy it was given a chance to be released in the US. Angel Burn will definitely be welcomed and liked by a lot of paranormal and young adult fans who haven’t heard of the trilogy before.
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Dwayne Glad you liked this one - it is indeed brilliant!

Julia About to post Mishel's review of it :)

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