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Always a Bridesmaid by Elaine Hopper
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Apr 18, 2011

did not like it
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I don't understand - how stupid can a character get, really? Practically all the characters in this book are shallow, dumb and infuriatingly scatter-brained. I wanted to tear my hair out all the way through; I wish I hadn't wasted my bloody time reading this pathetic excuse for a romance! Let's not even talk about sub plots and secondary characters, because I don't think I can stomach talking about them.

Yes, it's that bad.

Let's focus on the general lack of brains of the characters, if you please. Almost a decade ago, Breanna is happily engaged to Troy. But Troy has a one-night stand with Breanna's best friend Meg and gets her pregnant. Of course, that is not only so cliche, the book does not even bother explaning what the hell happened there. You'd think that at least Breanna is given a measure of comfort by a heartfelt explanation on what really happened and why but no, of course not - the author decided it's better to leave it blank! To make matters worse, Troy goes 'round to eloping and marrying Meg. Then he had the guts to call Breanna - who at the time was only about to tell him she is pregnant with his child - and drops the bomb. Hurt, Breanna leaves town to build a life for herself, but miscarries the baby.

Any rational reader would place the sympathy on Breanna. But guess what? Apparently she's in the wrong! Troy gets all self-righteous and blames her for not telling him about the child! Her father and sister labels her a coward for running away! Plus, we are told that her father is actually the one who encouraged Troy to marry Meg, because he understood Troy wanted to do the right thing. Even if Breanna's father didn't know she was pregnant at the time, what rational father would be all friendly with the fiance who cheated on his daughter?! He was not even mad! He'd rather hurt his daughter than punch the fiance in the face - quite an insult to fatherhood I'd say. But then again - later we find out that he was also a cheater himself. Now, maybe that's why.

And then, to make matters worse - Breanna thinks so too! Pride? What pride? She's a pushover! She does things half-heartedly and is content with Troy's inexistent apologies. When every stupid one of her friends pushes them together, she's like a giggling teenager trying to pretend she's against it when she's really rearing to be pushed towards the person who betrayed her in the worst possible way. Ironically, the book tries to portray her maturity but damn, I've never seen such a dismal failure as this before.

Troy is a bastard. How can you blame the fiance you cheated on for not telling you she's pregnant when you ran off to marry her best friend, pregnant also with your baby? Or, more accurately, how dare you?! He's a cheater. He doesn't have the right. He was not even in the least apologetic about it! He continually goads Breanna, takes liberties and struts around town as if he had the right to feel deserted and be angry and act all possessive around Breanna. Yeah sure, he looked sullen when he found out she had a miscarriage - but instead of grieving for his lost child what does he do? His ego gets stroked for fathering two children by different women (also best friends!) and stakes his claim of fatherhood. What. an. ass.

And let's not forget - after a little teasing, a few kisses here and there, and seduction of course, Breanna forgives Troy and all is happy again! What a pair of idiots - they deserve each other!

So please, don't read this book. You'll only give yourself an apoplexy.
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message 1: by Darlyn (new)

Darlyn You really make me want to read the book!LOL. Sorry it didn't work for you.

Dwayne lol the complete opposite of what I was trying to achieve! If you do...hope you don't hate it as much :)

message 3: by Darlyn (new)

Darlyn Haha..just to see how bad it is.. *wink*

Dinjolina I wish I can unlike your review and like it again :)

message 5: by Anamika (new)

Anamika what a beautiful way of analyzing :)

Jenny Schwarz best review ever. could have written it myself! ;)

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