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Boomerang by Helene Dunbar
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really liked it
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HOLY WOW I MIGHT CRY. I'm not kidding: this book is so so stressful. It's also super character driven, the messy and angsty and heartfelt and bursting with emotions types of characters. And I knew from like page 2 that this book was going to be intense. Did I mention sTReSSfUL?? I literally had my heart in my mouth for ages omg. Although I admit that was good and bad. I am ALL for torturing readers (lmao this is what authors live for) but I found some of Sean's actions really really annoying to the point of non-enjoyment.

But I mean ultimately: I really loved this book and the tension was INCREDIBLE so just A+ for the writing. UGHHHHH it was good but stressful.

+ So it's a missing-child story, but also with a twist!
Sean (really Michael) had a really neglectful mother so he ran away at 12 and sort of got himself "adopted" by an old lovely couple in the woods. HOWEVER. That's super super shady, m8, so as nice as his "adoptive" parents were it's STILL SHADY. (I love these morally grey story lines omg.) But Sean's mother always thought he was kidnapped...so he shows up home after 5 years and like THAT'S awkward to learn he ran away.

Anyway this was all SUPER well written and compelling and I just...I loved it. I loved the complications of loving people who've done wrong.

+ Holy heckkk the starlight of my life though: Trip Marchette.
He's the boy next door and Sean's childhood crush, buuuuut it's complicated. It's messy and it's unnamed and sometimes they're downright poisonous for each other. Trip's abused by his uncle (CUE MY HEART BReaKINg) and Sean gets so caught up in his own self-righteousness that ugh. Anyway I'm STILL mad at Sean and a lot of things he said to Trip. This ship. I swear. I shipped them so hard and they fought SO MUCH. This is why I aged 17 years reading this book. I'm so sTREssED by these angsty boys.

+ Ok but there is a love triangle.
I won't spoil things: but I hated it lmao. Emery (who Sean meets when he goes home) IS lovely and her character was excellently done, but it was just so freaking frustrating to read Sean seeing her and being all "instalove". So bad, Sean, so bad. And his whole "looking into her eyes felt like we'd already had sex"...I just threw up. But ok. It was just hard when he was still so emotionally entwined with Trip to see him instaloving a random girl.


+ Also there is no Australianness in it with the boomerangs.
As an Australian, MY FEELINGS ARE HURT. (Lmao, just kidding, but vegemite and I are totally put out.)

+ Also I really love how diverse it was!
It's queer here, there and everywhere. No labels are used (I'm actually pro-labelling things because I think it's positive and helps you find your people) but I think the non-labels was done respectfully! I assume that Sean is probably bi or pan and Trip gay. Also Trip has dyslexia and I loved how it was done! I have mild dyslexia so definitely not a solid voice on this matter, but it was nice to see a character who couldn't tell left from right?! #relatable Like the details with his dyslexia felt excellently done.

+ I seriously couldn't put it down.
It was compelling, the pacing was A+, the characters were ALL dimensional and interesting too. Like even the secondary ones!! How freaking well written was this book, right?! It's very character driven and full of complex and twisted emotions and moral dilemas.

+ Also it's a book to make you think.
About consequences and actions. About what love means and how it can show itself. About selfishness and selfless-ness and holding on and letting go. And how GOOD did it cover these?! Excellently.

Basically put me out of my misery and reeeead this too so we can be emotional wrecks together. I won't lie: the triangle very very nearly ruined it for me, but the writing was SO GOOD and the ending just about made me cry. And it managed to talk about abuse and stolkholm syndrome and drugs and queerness and brokeness ALL SO WELL without doing anything by halves.

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40.0% "I was LOVING this and then it took a sudden dive so there's that. Also Australian? Lmao what Australians. It is called boomerang for no Australian reason I can sniff out.

*returns angrily to nest beneath the gum trees and my vegemite cache*"
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