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Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout
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Apr 17, 2011

it was ok
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One word: Random. The author's a talented writer, I'll giver her that. I guess I'm not one for a book with so many characters where some had almost nothing to do with the main one. Having Olive Kitteridge for a math teacher hardly qualifies for being heavily invested in her life. Some of the stories were definitely compelling; some were just.....there. It was Strout's gift with words and language that pulled me in, even if the plot lines were strange.

Olive was a disturbed individual. Though, her twisted sense of humor did have me chuckling at times. Like when she stole things from her son's first wife's bedroom to make her feel like she was losing her mind. Classic. Olive was like that crotchety old ninny down the street that has something mean to say about every one and everything. I found it amusing at times; other times I just felt sorry for her. She barely redeemed herself at the end of the novel. But it was almost a little too late.

This book was a little too profane for my taste. I don't mind the occasional swear word. In fact you can put a plethora of damns and hells in there and I'll survive. But the F-bomb being dropped about three dozen times is a bit much. Some of the characters' choices were bothersome, too. Do we really need to have so many of them having extra-marital affairs or seriously contemplating them? It's so blase in this day in age; the normalcy it's given is troubling. And do we really need to bash the 43rd president of the United States? I mean, honestly. I did find some satisfaction when Olive was almost completely unforgiving of Jack being a Republican when he didn't hold it against her for being a Democrat. That part was actually realistic.

An entertaining read to some degree, but disturbing at others. Read at your own discretion. Definitely not one for a conservative book club.

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