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The Fall by Albert Camus
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Apr 16, 2011

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What an odd book, its a long one sided conversations, of screwed up man with a horrible philosophy who like a drunkard stumbles from one rant and raving, to another. As other reviewers mentioned there is some wit. Among the nonsense there were some lines that stuck out to me, creative ways to express his warped perspective.

here are some quotes I jotted down from the book while reading it

I would here myself asking "Do you love me?" you know that it is customary to answer in such cases: "and you?" If I answered yes I found myself committed beyond my real feelings and if I say no, I ran the risk of ceasing to be loved"

"this I developed a deceptive passion for a charming fool of a woman who had so thoroughly read "True love" stories, that she spoke of love with the assurance and conviction of an intellectual announcing the classless society"

"Without desire, woman bored me beyond all expectation... no more gambling and no more theater--I was probably in the realm of truth, but truth... is a colossal bore."

"I stand before all humanity recapitulating my shames... saying "I was the lowest of the low." Then imperceptibly I pass from "I" to "we". When I get to "This is what we are," the trick has been played and I can tell them off. I am like them, to be sure: we are in the soup together. However, I have a superiority in that I know it and this gives me the right to speak... The more I accuse myself, the more I have a right to judge you"

"My great idea is that one must forgive the pope. To begin with, he needs it more than anyone else. Secondly, that's the only way to set oneself above him"

"I want to break open the handsome wax figure I present everywhere"

"Why we are so just and generous to the dead... is there is no obligation, they leave us free and we can take our time"

"Here death would have definitely fixed our relationship and on the other hand removed its compulsions"

"For a statue to stand bare, the fine speeches must take flight like pigeons"

"I used to put them [the woman who loved him] in refrigerators, so to speak, in order to have them some day when I needed them"

"Lost in the sea of ages like a grain of sand in the ocean"
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