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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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When I started I was expecting this great literary piece. I am sooo disappointed!!! I don't know, perhaps the show ruined it for me. I always read books first before watching their adaptations and that might be the problem here. I'll have to wait until book 3 to find out for sure. So I'll give it 3 stars just for now.

However, I don't remember Catelyn being so stupid in the show. Her chapters irritated the hell out of me. Made me want to close the book and forget all about it. That's how much she irritated me ugh!!! Everything....EVERYTHING was her fault in my opinion. Eddard also stupid but I'm willing to forgive him because it's Catelyn's fault to begin with. (you must be Hand) she said!!!!

Another thing that really bothered me was the Lanisters. everyone hates the Lanisters. They're evil now let's give them more power by making their daughter queen because we're so stupid. Yes we will not regret that!!!

alright on to book 2
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Mohammed Alzahrani yeah watching the show could be the reason because sometimes you wouldn't appreciate the way the story is unfolding in the books when you know the major events. Also it changes your perspective of the characters when you meet them in the books for the first time as you might have experienced with Catelyn. Catelyn is a confused mother who surely acted stupidly but understandably as well. As far as why did Robert Baratheon marry Cersi, it is purely political. the Lannisters are wealthy and very powerful, strengthening the bond with them through marriage well secure the throne for the new king and that is exactly what happened.

Sarah To be honest none of them should be king. Not Robbert or Stannis or Robb Stark, or any other character. Not even Eddard would have made a good king. Not because he'd have been a bad king but because Catelyn would ruin it.

So they killed the "mad king" because he was "mad"; was he really though? There is no mention of how "mad" he was. what did he do that was worse?

Also there is no mention about the people. Are they better off without the old king or is it the same?

And the Wall. Every time the wall is mentioned, I keep thinking where does their food come from? Who brings it?

I disagree with you about the Lannister's thing. wouldn't it have been better not to give them more power at all?

Oh and I forgot to mention Drogo and his clan. What a disgusting character. What a relief he's gone.

I only like Jaqen H'ghar and he's not even in the first book sadly. I hope his character is better than the TV. I will cry otherwise lol

Mohammed Alzahrani All of your questions will be answered. you are in a hurry to know all the details of a story that will take seven books to tell. I could answer them right now but it's better that you read it yourself. every single thing you think about in this book if not answered by the books themselves then you will find lengthy discussions about it in one of the awesome forums dedicated to the series.

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