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Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
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Apr 15, 2011

it was amazing
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For those of you who have no idea what this Psy/changeling series is or who have just never taken the time to try it, well now is your time to get caught up! You will have ten books to feast on. Trust me they are such a delicious read.

Throughout other books we have gotten a taste of who Hawke is but in this book we find out about his past. I loved reading about why his wolf is so close to the surface and the reason he became alpha at fifteen. Even though the story was sad it was necessary for he and Sienna to fit together. After reading Kiss Of Snow I see Hawke in a whole new light. Is it wrong to be jealous of Sienna when she’s not a real person?

Sienna had for some reason always come across as snotty to me. I could not have been more wrong! Being taken away at five, going silent by age nine, and the things Ming did to her as a child. It made my heart break for her as she finally broke down and told her story. Sienna is an amazing woman, I knew she was an X-Psy but I honestly had no idea what that would mean. How tormented her life was by that designation.

Most of the story is spent with Hawke and Sienna. I was worried at how she would work out the age difference, but it was handled beautifully. Even though Sienna is nineteen she has had to be an adult for some time. After Hawke caught up with reality no one has a problem with the age gap. I really enjoyed the fact that Nalini Singh wrote their love out slowly, allowing Hawke and Sienna to get to know each other on a different level since he has been her alpha for so long. I loved that they played games because Sienna had never played as a child. There dance was beautiful.

There were a few side stories going on as well. Lukas and Sasha have their baby. As the characters from the first book you always want to know what is happening in their world. Also Walker (Sienna’s uncle) and Lauren (the SnowDancer Pack's healer) have a very sweet romance going that end in their own mating Dance.

Through all of this the war that has been brewing between the Changelings and the Psy has begun. Thus the action in this book is high as well. There were just no low points for me.

If you can’t tell I loved it!

Happy Reading,


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