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Pathfinder Adventure Path #8 by F. Wesley Schneider
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Apr 15, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011, rpgs

The plot grows thicker! There is a deadly plague infecting the streets of Korvosa. Where did it come from? Who planned the dastardly disease? Will the PCs manage to stall the disease before the city succumbs to the ravages of blood veil?

I like the open structure of the plot of this section of the adventure path. Unlike the Rise of the Runelords path, the PCs have a sense of the overplot from book one of the path. Rise of the Runelords was awesome, but the PCs don't always know why things are happening. In Crimson Throne, there is a sense of evildoing from the beginning, and by the end of this book, they ought to know who their big villain is. The question is more how to take care of it without getting dead in the process than simply when do we kill the baddy?

The information on disease and plagues (both real and fictitious) is fascinating. Making the PCs roll for infection was a real test of their ability to keep themselves healthy and moving. If your party doesn't have a cleric in it, they are SCREWED. With the right cleric, a lot of the problems of this installment become a LOT easier for PCs, but they still have to be careful how they ration out their abilities. Especially since their access to certain spells is limited at the level of the module. There are a lot of lessons in problem-solving here and some fantastic opportunities for role-play.

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