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The Easter Cat by Meindert DeJong
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This is another one of my 'forgotten' books. I could remember liking this book a lot as a kid, could remember some very specific details. Little girl, loves cats, but her mom is allergic so she can't have one, finds a siamese cat, then hides under a creepy porch with it so her mom can't make her give it up.

I'm pretty sure that I read this when I was young and obsessed with wanting a cat even though my dad hated cats. Of course, that didn't last and I got one for my ninth birthday and now we have a billion cats and it's all a bit crazy. SO. These were some formative years.

After successfully finding Oh Honestly, Angela!from piecemeal memories, I went after this one. Did a google books search and found only an excerpt from Library Journal or similar with a review, gave the date as 1971 and the girl's name as Millicent, but no author or book title due to what google books lets you read. So I went to WorldCat, set the date, language, and juvenile, used cat as a keyword, and slogged through 400 results until I saw "The Easter Cat" and thought...that could be it...I didn't remember Easter at all. Amazon gave me the cover and a description and yes. This is my book. Philly library even has it! I can't wait to re-read it, even though it wasn't great literature in the first place and who knows how it will hold up.

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