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Ellipsis by Nikki Dudley
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What right do we have to really know all of someone, every nuance of their being, every little dirty secret they may have? Does the bond of a blood relative or wife or husband afford us the right to know them completely? To know that there are no unknowns between us?

To me this book is about grief. Grief for losing a loved one obviously, but also the feelings of guilt when one realises that they may not have known their loved one as well as they thought. It also highlights the lies we tell to protect our loved ones, and the deep secrets we keep because once exposed the grief they will surely cause is too much to bear.

Each of the characters has a secret, and it is through the revealing of these that we see the very fabric of their world fall apart. With each revelation a black hole is exposed, waiting to suck them into it's infinite blackness. This for me was the most mesmerising part of the novel. To see with each new piece of information about Daniels death, Thom's reality and sanity start to slip away from him was so well done, and to see “Sarah” coming back to her own self and sanity was such a great contrast.

Through all of this though, we get to see little snippets of who Daniel really was, and I still have questions about his motives.

The pacing is excellent, the characters fragile, flawed and consumed with grief and guilt. I could not recommend this book enough.

5 stars
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